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This thread has been hi-jacked by deadbeat \:D/

Since Rolled isn't around very often and never updates this(it's been 3 years D:), i'm taking over with his permission of course :p
I've separated the fruit-ryuuta's into 4 categories, Anime, Video Games, Vocaloid and Other. If some are in the wrong category, then sorry. I don't know all of the characters :(

To change your Catch The Beat character:
  1. Open your osu! skin folder. The default file path is (C:/Program Files/osu!/Skins)(forward slash lols)
  2. Select your current active skin
  3. Choose a replacement CtB character from this thread that you wish to use
  4. Click the thumbnail (DO NOT SAVE THE THUMBAIL!), which will redirect you to the full-sized Fruit-Ryuuta.png
  5. Right click the image, select "Save Image As.." and save it as "fruit-ryuuta" somewhere easily accessible (Desktop, My Documents)
  6. Drag the new character into the Skin folder which you should already have open. Click "Yes" to replace the old version if prompted.

Counter: 204

There is also a thread where you can request Ryuuta's which can be located here.

Download: CTB-04-04-10.rar

Rolled wrote:

For now, everybody can enjoy playing CTB with their very own Remmy character, though! (created by kohakukun19)
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
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