How has osu! changed you?

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Havent really learned anything, still waiting, someone enlighten me
[ Kakuja ]
The biggest changes I've noticed:
* I'm more calm in stressful events IRL.
* I don't write like a four years old anymore. Now it's more of a 7 years old 8-)

There are other things too, like concentration etc. but not enough to call it ''changed'' imo.

KrazyKaito wrote:

Havent really learned anything, still waiting, someone enlighten me
the plural of coccyx is coccyges
pronounced cox-e-gees
I can press z and x quicker than I used to.

Nelly wrote:

Hanae wrote:

It made me sick
Same as me
it made me faint once

osu plz
neko cookies
I'm able to get away from tons of stuff, for better or for worse~
its also taught me (oh gawd so cliche) that you cant rush or force yourself to get better at anything.
also, i have a new way to spend 10 hours a day on during weekends :D

and also, i tap on things like im streaming, even when theres no music :P
osu! ruined my life
Osu! has made be better to see things quicker, and to get better with listening to beats in music. ^-^
It's also made me able to have another thing to play when I'm bored. :3

...Also made me learn about new songs I like, and has made me able to tap and move my mouse more precisely for other things (Which I don't know where it would actually come in handy, its still cool (To me at least))

Thanks Osu!/Peppy! ^-^
Osu made me love rhythm games even more. I somehow got better at dancing and phone rhythm games.
i hope to make new friends
osu made me a huge weeb
Osu! turned me into a useless dirt bag that can't do anything apart from sit at his computer.
turned into a massive weeb, can tap z and x faster , discovered new songs and artists
Made my left hand stronger, made me the best in my school (at osu!), made me learn better tablet to eye coordination, made people annoyed about how I keep talking about osu! when they're clearing bragging about LoL instead, made me feel accomplished, made me enjoy PE more, since I can train my left hand, made me more osu!.
Honestly I'm not as self-destructive. I use osu! as an outlet, I can focus on something for a little bit. It's like sleeping. It's hard to properly convey.
I've learned quite a lot about myself, my own flaws and strengths as a person
I am also much more introverted now as a result of making so many online friends
I think the main thing that osu! has given me is a much wider taste in music, aswell as improved my reactions greatly.
It has actually helped me to calm down in stressful situations, because early on all maps I played through I would usually choke in the middle to the end of the song, and I've learned to regulate my breathing and blinking in order to stay focused and not ruin my combos. Also, it has given me that euphoric feeling that you get when you work really hard at something you enjoy, and you get results.
- M o s h i -
It turned me into a weeaboo, hated by the internet and society. :(:(:(
my chemistry teacher told me I have good technique for titration
I guess my spinner training is paying off
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