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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on zondag 25 september 2022 at 19:19:47

Artist: Momo Belia Deviluke (CV: Toyosaki Aki)
Title: MORE & MORE (Cut Ver.)
Source: To LOVEる-とらぶる-ダークネス
Tags: and gigachad dako velia japanese anime pop to love-ru darkness love ru Toraburu JPop J-Pop
BPM: 178
Filesize: 4394kb
Play Time: 01:42
Difficulties Available:
  1. GIGACHAD's Cup (1,6 stars, 186 notes)
  2. Overdose (4,87 stars, 346 notes)
  3. Platter (2,85 stars, 280 notes)
  4. Rain (3,58 stars, 314 notes)
  5. Salad (2,25 stars, 235 notes)

Download: Momo Belia Deviluke (CV: Toyosaki Aki) - MORE & MORE (Cut Ver.)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Another mapset, please enjoy!

I've got GIGACHAD helping me with a guest difficulty this time.
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