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There wrote:

23:08 BanchoBot: Match history available (here)[http://osu.ppy.sh/mp/2805329].
23:08 Kaoru: sorry for all the delays
23:08 Kaoru: we are red with slots 5678
23:08 Furudo_Erika: 别死就行
23:08 pielak213: didnt everybody dc
23:08 pielak213: what's going to happen
23:08 Kaoru: my actual internet went down
23:08 p3n: re-starting because of technical issues
23:08 Kaoru: score submission requiring too many packets or something
23:09 Thatgooey: my keyboard stopped working midway through =/
23:09 Thatgooey: client stopped registering key clicks for like 4-5 seconds
23:09 Furudo_Erika: sigh
23:09 Kaoru: internet op
23:12 GunS_N_Rose: :3
23:12 GunS_N_Rose: we won
23:12 Kaoru: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1107390
23:12 Thatgooey: gg ^^
23:12 Kaoru: gg
23:12 GunS_N_Rose: GG
23:12 GGBY: 艹哥把
23:12 Thatgooey: off i go, hr pros XD
23:12 p3n: China 3 : 1 USA
23:12 GGBY: 房主给对é¢
23:12 GunS_N_Rose: XD
23:13 Kyou-kun: how is it 3-1?
23:13 Kaoru: wait
23:13 p3n: wait
23:13 Kaoru: we won justice breaker
23:13 Kaoru: and remote control
23:13 Kyou-kun: ???
23:13 Kyou-kun: ya
23:13 p3n: checking script
23:14 Kyou-kun: it's 2-2 p sure
23:14 GunS_N_Rose: \o\
23:14 p3n: China 2 : 2 USA
23:14 GunS_N_Rose: /o/
23:14 GGBY: \o\
23:15 GunS_N_Rose: 我拉硬喇å­
23:15 GunS_N_Rose: èåœå•Š
23:15 GunS_N_Rose: caryyå•Š
23:15 p3n: sorry for the confusion
23:15 GunS_N_Rose: 大腿é ä½ äº†
23:15 InabaTewi: 我çªç„¶å‘现我真是è€è°‹æ·±ç®—
23:15 Kyou-kun: gj 3v4
23:15 GGBY: 大腿é ä½ äº†
23:15 GunS_N_Rose: 233
23:15 p3n: next map?
23:15 *Kyou-kun is listening to [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/196673 Rohi - Kodoku Egoism]
23:16 Kaoru: pie
23:16 Kaoru: ready please
23:19 GunS_N_Rose: cao
23:19 GunS_N_Rose: 傻逼断
23:19 GunS_N_Rose: 玛德
23:20 GunS_N_Rose: we won :3
23:20 Kaoru: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1107405
23:20 GunS_N_Rose: wait
23:20 p3n: waiting...
23:21 p3n: any opposing screenshots?
23:21 GunS_N_Rose: yes wait upload
23:21 SapphireGhost: http://puu.sh/5kNZF.png Silynn posted this
23:21 GunS_N_Rose: è‰
23:21 GunS_N_Rose: æˆ‘è¿™æ€Žä¹ˆä¸Šä¼ ä¸äº†
23:21 p3n: yes that happens with player drops
23:21 p3n: that is why I need ingame screenshots ;)
23:21 SapphireGhost: Ah
23:21 InabaTewi: wait
23:21 SapphireGhost: Silynn's fault then
23:22 InabaTewi: ä½ å‘给我
23:22 InabaTewi: QQå‘给我
23:22 Kyou-kun: china won lol
23:22 InabaTewi: 我接å—一下
23:22 GunS_N_Rose: 好
23:22 Kaoru: china won
23:22 Kyou-kun: 3-2 china's favor w
23:22 Kaoru: no need to redo
23:22 p3n: from the score screen is looked like china won
23:22 p3n: okay
23:22 GunS_N_Rose: ok
23:22 GunS_N_Rose: 那就
23:22 p3n: China 3 : 2 USA
23:22 wobeinimacao: ggby
23:22 InabaTewi: å•Š- -
23:22 InabaTewi: 那我关QQ了
23:23 GGBY: 开啥图
23:23 wobeinimacao: GGBY
23:23 InabaTewi: 玛德刚æ‰æ‰‹è´±äº†ç§»å¿«äº†
23:23 wobeinimacao: 给我
23:23 wobeinimacao: è¿™ä¸ªä½ ä»¬å¦‚ä½•
23:23 GunS_N_Rose: >>>
23:23 GunS_N_Rose: buxing
23:23 wobeinimacao: ..
23:23 InabaTewi: 还行
23:23 InabaTewi: ä¸è¡Œä½ 妈逼啊都SS了
23:24 GunS_N_Rose: bï½
23:24 InabaTewi: 还ä¸è¡Œä¹ˆ
23:24 GunS_N_Rose: hr hï½ï½‰ï½˜ï½‰ï½Žï½‡
23:24 SapphireGhost: freemod?
23:24 InabaTewi: 艹哥开free mod
23:24 wobeinimacao: sorry
23:24 GGBY: 这行å—?
23:24 GunS_N_Rose: å正我ä¸ç¨³
23:24 InabaTewi: 行的
23:24 SapphireGhost: SD is instinctive
23:24 GunS_N_Rose: 上呗 管他的
23:24 GunS_N_Rose: 大腿é ä½ ä»¬äº†
23:24 GunS_N_Rose: å›
23:24 Kyou-kun: lol sd on this tournament
23:25 Kaoru: me for floks
23:25 Kaoru: actually
23:25 p3n: okay
23:25 Kaoru: kyou swapping for floks
23:26 GunS_N_Rose: :p
23:26 GunS_N_Rose: good luck
23:29 GunS_N_Rose: 打一局掉一局 什么鸟蛋。。。
23:29 p3n: ;_;
23:29 wobeinimacao: f12?
23:29 SapphireGhost: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1107418
23:29 GunS_N_Rose: jietu le
23:29 GunS_N_Rose: http://puu.sh/5kOjp.png
23:29 GunS_N_Rose: :3
23:29 Kaoru: my net is being really dumb
23:30 wobeinimacao: ä½ ä¸æŽ‰å°±è¡Œ
23:30 Kaoru: it only dcs on score submission
23:30 GunS_N_Rose: 我就是负责截图的。。
23:30 GunS_N_Rose: orz
23:30 p3n: Kaoru dced right in the beginning
23:30 p3n: from what I can tell
23:30 Kaoru: i dont think my net is going to be consistent
23:30 Kaoru: and we're out of redos
23:30 Kaoru: i can play but if it dcs again it will just stall the tourney
23:30 p3n: China: do you want to re-start this map or take the screenshot win? (Since when is it okay to let a judge let a country do the judging)
23:31 wobeinimacao: 肉ä¸
23:31 wobeinimacao: 说è¯å•Š
23:31 GunS_N_Rose: we win
23:31 GunS_N_Rose: please
23:31 GGBY: 问咱
23:31 GunS_N_Rose: :3
23:31 GGBY: 是用截图赢还是
23:31 GGBY: å†æ¯”一场
23:31 GGBY: 其实我有些想
23:31 Kaoru: waiting on whatever is decided
23:31 GGBY: 还一下
23:31 wobeinimacao: 赢就赢了
23:31 p3n: China 4 : 2 USA http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1107418
23:31 Kaoru: ok
23:31 GunS_N_Rose: 本æ¥å°±æ˜¯èµ¢
23:32 GunS_N_Rose: 他们也有人掉了
23:32 InabaTewi: 我FC的了
23:32 wobeinimacao: 差了两åƒä¸‡
23:32 GunS_N_Rose: å›
23:32 InabaTewi: 他们掉了ä¸èƒ½é‡èµ›çš„了
23:32 wobeinimacao: 大比分的图ä¸å¯èƒ½è¾“
23:32 InabaTewi: å·²ç»ç”¨æŽ‰ä¸¤æ¬¡äº†å§
23:32 GunS_N_Rose: æ©
23:32 InabaTewi: 我FC了爷爷._.é€æˆ‘一个大腿å§
23:32 GunS_N_Rose: 我们还有一次
23:32 GunS_N_Rose: ä½ å¦ˆæˆ‘ä»Šå¤©æ–­äº†ä¸¤æ¬¡å‚»é€¼æ–­
23:32 Kaoru: how did that result in a win
23:32 Kaoru: with the dc?
23:32 GGBY: 我æ¯å¼ 都傻逼断
23:33 GunS_N_Rose: 是那ç§æ…¢é€Ÿçš„
23:33 InabaTewi: ä½ çœ‹çœ‹ä½
23:33 GGBY: ä½ æ‰ä¸¤æ¬¡
23:33 GunS_N_Rose: 特别傻的断
23:33 InabaTewi: 我都FCå‡ å¼ äº†
23:33 p3n: depending on when the DC happens
23:33 GunS_N_Rose: orz
23:33 Kaoru: i dont care either way
23:33 GGBY: å–‡å­å¤§è…¿è®ƒ
23:33 p3n: if it is during score submission it will not show up on the mp link
23:33 p3n: only ingame
23:33 GunS_N_Rose: 拉å§å¤§è…¿
23:33 Kaoru: so it counts as a win?
Why it is not in Unicode?! All Chinese characters are messed up...
^he got it from my /savelog which i puushed and puush doesn't handle chinese characters well

i would've really liked a properly played out match but our remote control win was cheesy so i can understand why they wanted two of their wins to be by default
I just now noticed this line added to the rules in the OWC wiki:

In Knock-Out Stage, selecting out of FreeMod bracket is unlimited.

This line was added after the tournament is underway on November 10th. Seems like after the tournament starts is a poor time to start changing the rules. I didn't know we were expected to know the rules AND check for random changes every week.
GG Netherlands, it was fun while it lasted ;-;
Japan 5:1 Netherlands

at least we got a point~

finally i can relax now
r.i.p. BR
thank you taiwannnnnnnnnnnssssssssss i lov youuuuuuu

Floks wrote:

I just now noticed this line added to the rules in the OWC wiki:

In Knock-Out Stage, selecting out of FreeMod bracket is unlimited.

This line was added after the tournament is underway on November 10th. Seems like after the tournament starts is a poor time to start changing the rules. I didn't know we were expected to know the rules AND check for random changes every week.

Blame your captain for not telling you, not the management.

JappyBabes wrote:

darkmiz wrote:

hoping for a rematch
I, too, would like to see China win again.
China wouldn't win if we rematched lol
Ibuki Suika
so awesome game france :)

goodjob poland :D
Noob Man
close enough !
poland vs france is an absolutely thrilling match!

ggwp both teams :)
France vs Poland



awesome match, good game Poland!
Amazing match from both the polish and the french side, well played guys !
Rori Vidi Veni
I think France should be high-seeded next year.
Paris conquered.

gg wp France, I believe that was the best match in this whole tournament so far :D
Well played france <3 <3 <3
Closest match ever. Wow.
The tiebreak on stream probably got several people a heart attack...
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