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gg Bancho
bancho pls
And we have to wait for tomorrow :(

AmaiHachimitsu wrote:

We all had fun with Finland, GG
pls no man pls :(((((((
Bancho please! T_T So annoying.
in 6 hours from now, Korea and Japan will have a friendly match (if bancho is alright). K i R i K a R u will be streaming I think.

so if you're interested this is the link
k, Brazil vs. Australia was going on when bancho went down. after some time bancho came back but dkun said to reschedule the entire shit.
basically, our team wasted the entire saturday training to face Australia and we couldn't because adm didn't want to, even with both teams agreeing to play. (bancho got down once, so then? many matches got played like that)
so, please, I ask you to don't mess up with this schedule in particular.
Waiting for referees post.
What happened with Korea vs Chile ? D:
We haven't heard anything from a ref about USA vs New Zealand. Waiting dilligently.
It's way too late for Brazil vs Aus again, It's like 2 am over there and people need sleep. Obviously Bancho hates OWC ._.
I'm just surprised that there's no announcements on osu!status...

Oinari-sama wrote:

I'm just surprised that there's no announcements on osu!status...
And this.

Melt3dCheeze wrote:

It's way too late for Brazil vs Aus again, It's like 2 am over there and people need sleep. Obviously Bancho hates OWC ._.
it should be postponed by a week, it's the best time for both teams

Cristian wrote:

Waiting for referees post.
ye idk what happened, server went down, came back 10mins later and all management MIA
Omg, still?
Still no official word but I had some management tell me our match vs New Zealand is definitely postponed (perhaps 'til next weekend.) Playing any time tonight is now impossible-- we have too many asleep or missing in action. To anyone scheduling: just let me know via PM and we can try and work a time/ date out. Next weekend is probably going to be a LOT more convenient for us
Bancho crashing, not even once.
I was awake around 49 hours trying to keep things running smoothly before my body gave in and I began to lose feeling to my hands, at which point I forced myself to sleep. There seems to be someone out there who is adamant about making OWC run as bad as possible, and has found a way at making bancho suffer very servere memory consumption and spiking (looks to be a low-level .NET bug which I am nigh unable to fix). I am recovering my energy via sleep while attempting to keep bancho running and getting woken up every 30 minutes as a result.

I hope to setup a private server just for OWC use, but I doubt that will be possible before the rest of this weekend's matches.

no @osustatus updates = because i was mostly asleep.
matches rescheduled due to no streaming = because there were no backup streamers (?!!?) and i was asleep.
matches rescheduled due to unstable bancho = hopefully you can agree that this was out of our control.

Also do keep in mind that apart from bancho being maliciously attacked (and the website at times), we also hit a new user peak 20% higher than ever before, which put extra load on some parts of the system.

I could go on about what I should have done in preparation to make this run smoother, but that doesn't sound productive.

Please remain calm and request rematches if you were not offered them correctly. The tournament can always run over-time is necessary.
I think we all appreciate your dedication to making the experience as smooth as possible - I certainly do. It would be preferable if there was another way to make the servers run as smoothly as possible without killing the lead developer of the game though...

Maybe during the weekdays when there are no matches it would be possible to debug and find at least the root cause of the problem? Maybe if it's an internal .NET problem some of us could try replicating the problem ourselves given some vague information (obviously not reveal any game code or anything) and then pitch in if we come across a solution? Or is that too much?

Regardless, I wish you good luck on your debugging adventures!
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