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(+) Newly imported osz files appear in green on the song selection for that game run.
(+) Added slider tick rate adjustment to editor.
(+) Added new timing option "Resnap current timing section".
(+) Background fades when outside of a break period - becomes fully visible during break-time.
(+) Backgrounds images and movies can be added in the editor!
(+) Added support for changing the background colour on the gamefield!
(+) Added "osu!!" and "go!" graphics for when a spinner is finished successfully.
(*) Slider adjustments are completed when doing a "resnap all notes".
(*) Force updating slider lengths after exiting timing screen (hopefully allow more leniance for people who change bpm/velocity after already having sliders placed).
(*) 'Ki' symbol is displayed as normal sprite for the song-start period. (in response to Asho "When the meter fills up at the beginning, the slider says "気"/"Yes" all the time.")
(*) Irregular slider repeat ticks maintain their location. (in response to Asho "When it comes to Phrases with irregular dots, a return arrow does not relocate them")
(*) Combo display fades out when 0. (in response to Asho "The combo counter is invisible if the combo is 0.")
(*) Changed same-colour combo end scoring. (in response to Asho "Kiai/Beat Bonuses are awarded at the end of a same-colored string as long as there weren't any 50s or Xs in it...")
(*) Getting 50% of ticks on a slider results in a 100 score (as opposed to the previous 75%).
(*) Scores can have a fail record. They will not be recorded if this is set.

If that isn't a good effort, then I'll be damned. Got so much done even I am surprised :D.

Responded to most of Asho's spotted inconsistencies with fixes, and added quite a few new features that have been pending for a while. I feel like I *SHOULD* do a public release tonight, but my testers all ran away again :cry:. I'm thinking possibly tomorrow night.. though some parts of online ranking would not be functioning, there are a lot of other changes/additions to make playing more fun, and editing a lot easier.

You guys are going to love this :)

Edit: thanks for the typo correction ^^
Edit2: (+) Pause/fail menu.

4am... oops. nnite

ZZT the Fifth
Hey, I'm online - I just can't get on IRC from here. :P

I could probably handle testing if you sent me the build via PM.
[deleted user]

peppy wrote:

(+) Added "osu!!" and "go!" graphics for when slider is finished successfully.
You mean spinner, not slider, right?
The next release sounds good! Looking forward to it (patiently)! :D
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2007-10-04 (b86)
(+) Files which are not used in the current beatmap are removed before packaging.
(+) Added slider beach ball animation (thanks to Kylecito!).
(+) Unplayed songs are remembered between launches of the game.
(+) Added warning arrows after a break period.
(+) Added a skip button for songs with long lead-ins.
(+) Added 'D' ranking.
(*) Removed hit sprites which are no longer used (due to ammendments in scoring).
(*) Undo/redo history is cleared when opening a file or starting a new beatmap.
(*) Fixed some bugs with pause mode.
(*) Working on issues with filenames inside zip files.. tempted to just force them to only contain the ansi range.
(*) Fixed a few crashy bugs.
(*) Halved slider precision for all snap divisors.

Well feck, I fell asleep again at ~2am. I meant to do a public build, but I guess that will happen tomorrow now :(. I also made a beatmap just to test the editor out. It turned out quite nice. I'll post tomorrow. nite

Edit: maybe i wont sleep! oh man, that sounds like a bad idea already
Edit2: BRACE YOURSELVES! A release is coming.
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2007-10-05 (b87)
(*) It is possible to get S rankings again. Sorry!!
(*) Replay shouldnt fail anymore.

Posting a bit early because I'm focusing on the database tonight. Just fixed a few bugs which have been mentioned! Also I plan on catching up on some sleep from last night's loss ^^.

The osu! uploader can now handle any size files (in preparation for in-game integration!). Thanks to phill for getting this working.
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(+) Online ranking displays in-game.
(+) Replays can be downloaded and watched.
(*) Replays are compressed using 7z rather than zip. Therefore, all high-scores until now will not have valid replay data (except local).
(*) Fixed high scores appearing on edit selection screen.
(*) Metadata entry uses account username by default.
(*) Fixed mouse trail disappearing after replay.

So... high scores now display in osu! itself, and replays are automatically downloaded and made available :D. This will be up public tomorrow (needs a few graphics made first).

Also focussed on the database backend for rankings, and updated the ranking pages quite a bit (now live) with some new layout and stats. Added one more song for testing (with multiple difficulties). Should be seeing more tomorrow, I hope.

I have been setting up a system so the people in charge of approving official beatmaps can easily complete this task with minimal effort. Also been getting some scripts ready to wireup to the new packaging system for the editor. Should be quite exciting!
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2007-10-07 (b89)
(+) Vertical red indicator line added to compose timeline at timing points.
(+) Skinning support.
(+) Ctrl+Mousewheel seeks forwards and backwards. Hold shift for 4x speed.
(+) Timeline ticks are colourised.
(+) New error popup for in-game warnings/errors.
(*) Fixed sliders being audible after fail (during spin-down time).
(*) Cut 6ms silence from hit-whistle sample.
(*) Slight change to the hitcircle fadeout animation (easing added - looks a lot closer to ouendan).
(*) Huge performance increase when sprites are being rendered off-screen (ie. song selection).
(+) Web: Ajax-ish user ratings added for beatmaps.
(+) Web: New stats and completion of beatmap import script.

I planned to get a bit more done than I got around to today. There's a few items left on my list which have to be pushed forward until tomorrow. This includes skinning support (done but no graphical interface to enable), editor bookmarks, slider point creation (after placement) and a few other things here and there. I haven't forgot about any of these!

With that out of the way -- I am very interested to see how you guys like the new online ranking features! I put a lot of effort into getting this working as well as it does (should) so hope it actually turns out to be enjoyable. More beatmaps will be added to the online ranking tomorrow, I promise.

Replays recorded before this release will not be viewable due to a format change. If you want to test this out, watch my S playthrough of Disco Prince :). I'm sure there will be more to watch in no time.

Edit: I have added a few more songs to the ranking list.
Awesome. I always check in just as you make a new release.

I'ma go play around with it now. :P
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(+) Skin selector in options.
(+) Bookmark support complete!
(*) Skin ini file made available. Currently only supports changing the colouring of different hit-circle/slider combos.
(*) Replay during break time is smoother (when mouse was held during original play it stuttered).
(*) New songs are still remembered even if game is forced to quit (alt-f4).

The bookmarking stuff took a bit of time to do. It feels quite nice to use, though - definitely a feature worth adding. Skins should be ready for consumption tomorrow when I do a release. I'm holding back for tonight... after last nights horribly buggy build. I don't want to let this happen two days in a row :p.

I devoted some time to updating the ranking/new official song list and I believe I have added every song that is in the official thread. If I have missed any, please let me know! New ones should also start appearing very soon.

There is also a new link in the ranking pages to download the latest .osu file for each song. This should be handy for those of you that have a mismatching version and don't want to download the full osz file.

I felt like I could have got more done tonight, but ah well. Forward progress is good, nontheless :).

New build tomorrow if all goes well~

peppy out
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(+) Keyboard shortcuts for bookmarks (Ctrl+Left/Right arrows).
(+) Custom preview time can be set in editor (Timing>Set Current Position as Preview).
(*) Fixed bug where skip button sometimes doesn't work (if you click it too fast).
(*) Fixed bug where sliders sometimes reported misses when they shouldn't (sorry eyup).
(*) Fixed depth problems with multiple background event layers. Now orders depth by how they appear in the osu file (back-to-front).
(*) Skinning takes effect on results screen and in editor
(*) Skin.ini contains skin/author metadata.
(+) Web: Sorting for the main beatmap list by headers. Still needs some new columns added (need to work on DB a bit more).
(+) Web: Pagination for beatmap listing.

Ok so once again I have decided it is best not to release a build tonight. Sorry to those who are waiting on features added/fixed in the last few days. I promise to get a new version up tomorrow no matter what - starting to feel a bit behind.

I spent a bit of time fxing up the osu import scripts, and adding pagination/sorting for the online ranking listing. Also found a pretty serious bug reported by eyup, which results in sliders occasionally being missed when they shouldn't. This occurs at the end of a repeat section, and will definitely be fixed in the next release. Sorry to those affected!

Skinning support is ready, but I have one last touch to finish things off (won't reveal this just yet :)) which should be finished tomorrow. I was supposed to be somewhere into the automated packaging by this time, but due to the feature requests flowing in, that has kind've fallen back a bit. This is still what I plan to work on next, though.

Beatmap production is going really well - keep it up guys. Make sure you comment on others when you can - while we have few moderators present, it helps to have user comments to base approval decisions on. Also, if you are the author of a beatmap which has fallen off the first page of the completed forum, feel free to bump it back up if you feel it needs more attention to be included on the official list. We may give it a second chance :).

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2007-10-10 (b96)
(+) pUpdater v2 - supports optional packages, and is much more robust.
(+) Can add points to existing sliders (Ctrl+Click in select mode).
(*) Fixed skin manager to handle cases when colours are not provided correctly better.
(*) Fixed spinners not being replaced by skinned versions.
(*) Fixed editor background being too bright after loading/reverting to saved.
(*) Fixed events not being ordered correctly in .osu file (caused warning arrows to not appear sometimes).
(*) Fixed skip not playing fair with beatmaps that have no timing points (PLEASE don't make maps with no timing... it makes me cry).
(*) Adding a new timing point adds it with default values - current time and same BPM as last. You can adjust/reset as required!

b96 is up! Bundles changes since the 7th - read back a couple of posts if you're interested!

Beatmappers can enjoy bookmarks (try hovering the seekbar), setting a custom preview point for songs, adding new points to existing sliders, and probably more that I have forgotten. There are also quite a few general bug fixes aroudn the place - and full skinning support! Hope you guys appreciate the effort Kylecito put into making the EBA skin (this is still a work-in-progress and likely to improve).

The new updater features an "extras" section. I'm not sure what the future holds, but this can manage any number of optional packages which users can choose to install. Once they are installed, they will automatically be checked as to whether they are the latest version on each update. Should provide a good way of distributing user contributions such as skins!

I feel like quite a few of the changes/fixes in this build aren't so visible - a bit going on behind the scenes.. but hopefully you can appreciate the stuff that has been included!! More to come (of course).
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Argh... fell asleep again :(. I meant to goto bed early tonight... but got stuck doing stuff as usual ^^;;;.

(+) New sounds for spinners and slider ticks.
(+) Basic wiring for selecting different sound-sets in the editor.
(*) Spinner sound effect loops a lot better.
(*) Fixed score to appear in front of scorebar.
(*) Fixed skin selection in options when more than one custom skin exists.
(*) Fixed new songs not being remembered properly when osu! is closed (argh).
(+) Web: Basic "Player ranking" page.
(+) Web: New profile statistics.
(*) Web: Time in lead will not be updated if you beat your own #1 score.
(*) Web: Started to store stats in the user table rather than calculate on-the-fly. Need to do this for all stats eventually.

So I did some sound sampling. All I'll say is, I can wait to show you guys (well, let you hear) the results. I think you will approve.

5am and I don't feel like typing. Nite.
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No, I didnt fall asleep again last night. *cough*

(+) Breaks can be removed by right-clicking on them.
(*) Fixed bug where notes could be dragged into break periods.
(*) Fixed bug where sort order isn't updated on drag end.
(*) Skin is used for slider start/endpoints.

I got 12 hours sleep though. It feels goooooood.
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2007-10-13 (b99)
(+) Soft sound set added.
(+) Bookmarks are saved.
(+) Ctrl+B adds bookmarks, Alt+B removes.
(+) Added automatic offset detection back in.
(*) Fixed crash when trying to play a song with no notes placed.
(*) Slider ball is skinnable.
(+) Web: Date formats made a lot cleaner.
(+) Web: Ranking distribution.
(+) Web: Added sort arrows for beatmap listing.
(*) Web: Moved more stats to generate in a static fashion, therefore increasing the number of places they can be used (see player ranking).

Lots of web stuff done today. Got the new sounds out too, which makes me happy :). I still have a bit of work I'd like to do on the ranking system before moving back to osu! coding tomorrow.
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2007-10-14 (b100)
(+) Skin template added to updater.
(*) Slider tick sound obeys the audio volume settings.
(*) Quite a large scoring bug fixed. Took a lot of time and effort to ensure no data was lost.. Thanks to eyup for the help.
(*) A bit of work on new sorting system for menus.
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
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2007-10-16 (b102)
(*) Fixed spinner sound playing while paused.
(*) Fixed video being dropped from osu file if video is disabled (or codec fails) while editing.
(*) Default curve type is now bezier.
(+) Web: First post is shown on song detail pages.
(*) Web: Download links work from song detail pages.

Check out the changes to the song details pages. The download button actually works now, and the first post of the relevant thread is visible! Should be a lot easier to get songs now.

New editor features to try out - slider speed preview in the timing window, and Alt-snapping. Try holding down alt while placing a sequence of notes, and notice how the distance between each placement will be constant based on the duration of time separating the two notes. This is handy for people that want to have consistent spacing throughout a beatmap. The distance calculation is based on the the same speed as slider velocity - so you can use the preview to figure what this should be set to as well :).
What a lovely update!
I LOVE the idea of showing the first post!
I also want to try out the editor.. maybe for the nex beatmap!

You're great, man!
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(+) Support for per-song skinning (ask if you care).
(*) More work on the new song selection/sorting system. Ahhh slow progress.
(*) Fixed bug where replay occasionally fails (as in HP drops below 0).
(*) Fixed bug where editor would crash on startup (new songs only).
(*) Removed audio md5 calculation. Not being used at the moment, no real point.

Wah I fell asleep again :roll:
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2007-10-18 (b105)
(+) Can get updated osu files from in-game!!
(+) Can enter login by clicking the message on the main menu. Hopefully a bit more obvious.
(+) Custom colours can be specified in beatmaps. Overrides skins and defaults (again - ask me about this one if interested).
(+) Added Cartoon skin by KiraCatgirl to osume extras.
(*) Fixed page display showing 1/0.
(*) Fixed forcing update halfway through playing a song in some rare cases.
(*) Slider end-circles fade when slider is complete (how many times have i broken this? i've lost count).
(*) Locally recorded username defaults to the same as online one.
(*) More work on the new sorting framework. I've got things organised quite nicely, but not displaying in the GUI yet. There's quite a lot to think about with this stuff - way more than meets the eye.
(+) Web: Added ranked position to profile.

Touch-ups here and there. Didn't get too far into the new song selection screen, but made some forward progress! I think you'll all appreciate the ability to update osu files though. This should save a lot of effort.. especially as we keep uploading new versions with timing fixes and whatnot lately.

Oh, yeah I'll do a build tonight. Lets hope I dont fail at it! I hate waking up to a sea of bug reports :(.
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(+) Added "dead" area to song selection screen when hovering to the left.
(*) Fixed bug where beatmap would be overwritten when checking for updates if it was not officially ranked.
(+) Web: Added play guide to FAQ (thanks to Esque).
(+) Web: Added screenshots/video section to the About page.
(+) Web: Can sort beatmap listing by minimum difficulty. Difficulty icons also added.
(*) Web: Changed displayed date for beatmap listing to original submission date, rather than last approved date.
(*) Web: Changelog now has graphics - please read this changelog using the actual changelog page (should I move this thread? Or do you guys want to be able to reply to it? Maybe each changelog entry should have a comment section.. although I'm not sure how often this would get used.)
[deleted user]

peppy wrote:

(*) Web: Changelog now has graphics - please read this changelog using the actual changelog page (should I move this thread? Or do you guys want to be able to reply to it? Maybe each changelog entry should have a comment section.. although I'm not sure how often this would get used.)
Nah, keep each changelog entry in the forum as well as the changelog page. The changelog page gives a good overview of the development, and it's easily accessible for people that are checking out the program for the first time. Then this thread can be used for comments, if you don't mind that. I hesitate to post in here because I'm not sure if you want discussion of the updates to go here alongside the actual updates.
I'm not sure a comment section would get used; it'd be more detached that way.
If you don't mind people making comments here, how about editing the thread title with the date of the last update? Development Diary/Changelog [2007-10-19] That way the comments won't distract away from when there's been an update.
Great idea sanchny - I totally agree. I've been hesitant to post here as well because I might be disturbing the flow of log entries ^^ But now that we are given license, I think it'd be worth people to start commenting on how they like the changes here.
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2007-10-20 (b107)
(*) Fixed editor crash when no sampleset is selected for a new beatmap.
(*) Fixed editor sluggishness/lag on some PCs (was related to loading skins).
(*) Changed dynamics of song selection screen.
(*) Improved performance/smoothness of song selection.

Just a mini-build to fix some bugs and stuff. Should solve all the problems mentioned up to current (I hope). Also includes some new dynamics for the Song Selection screen. Lets see what the response is like :).

Oh and do feel very welcome to post in this thread from now on :D. I'd love to hear feedback.

More to come later on.
[deleted user]

peppy wrote:

2007-10-18 (b105)
(+) Can get updated osu files from in-game!!
How do we do this?

Evi wrote:

How do we do this?
If you have an old version of a ranked song, at the left in Osu! it will display a message saying that the beatmap is either modified and/or outdated, then under it, it will say click here to check for updates, or something to that effect. Clicking there will update. This only works for ranked songs, of course. I think.
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Ok here goes.

(+) Added play-testing mode in editor.
(+) Added ability to recalculate slider lengths (very useful after changing a song's BPM).
(+) iDork skin by Fraeon added to extras.
(+) Percentage progress added to editor.
(+) Full TabletPC support!
(*) Sliders have a minimum length when being placed/recalculated.
(*) Fixed replay data not saving correctly.
(*) Fixed bug where updating an .osu on a song with no rankings had weird results.
(+) Web: Moved all ranked beatmaps to a new folder to increase organisation.
(*) Web: Fixed equal scores taking wrong precedence order.

Spend a lot of time fixing stuff. Especially that TabletPC support (see the results here). Play-testing mode is in, and I was hoping to get a build up tonight with these two major features, but feel as though I should wait until tomorrow and give it a bit more time in testing.

Check out the new skin by Fraeon available in the updater! It is really well done (although may need an acquired taste to appreciate).

Got to try and pick up the pace for the new song selection screen this week. I really expected to get it done over the weekend, but instead I got quite a few bugs fixed and small tweaks done which were long overdue. Not a bad exchange, I think. I also finally played through portal (been feeling left out spending all my time on osu! :(). Fun fun fun!

4am again, oops.
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2007-10-22 (b110)
(+) New error handling dialog allows copy+paste. Also forces a save in the editor to avoid confusion.
(+) Quitting via alt-f4 or the 'x' button is a lot less abrupt, and gracefully exits to the previous mode.
(*) Closing the window in editor mode now acts as it should (can be cancelled).
(*) Changed 1/8th timeline tick colour to yellow (easier to distinguish from red than orange was).
(!) Audio libraries updated.

Build is up. Not much testing has been done this time around (contact me if you think you'd make a good tester) so please report any bugs you find.

I think this release should be pretty solid (I hope, anyway). And *hopefully* I can start working on things I have had pending for a while starting tomorrow. That's assuming I don't keep getting bombarded with feature requests. But don't stop requesting features, either :p.
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(+) Can use space bar instead of left-click for gameplay.
(+) Added ability to disable metronome clicking (Timing > Metronome Clicks).
(*) Fixed offline scores not displaying when changing from online Page 2+.
(*) Halved slider drain on missing ticks/repeats.
(+) Web: Added pending list to beatmap listing view.
(+) Web: Framework for new beatmap submission process. Looking good :D.

So yeah, spent most of tonight doing forum stuff and working on the new beatmap submission code. This will totally streamline the process of uploading the osz file and posting, and allow updating existing submissions all from inside the osu! editor. Should be quite exciting for the beatmappers out there :).
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(+) Playfield/menu background and menu buttons added to skinnable sprites.
(+) Skins can take control of slider track colouring.
(+) Slider ball sprite can be flipped on reversal.
(+) Added three new official skins.
(+) Pulsating 'osu!' on menu is now clickable.
(+) Alt-snapping works for moving existing beats too.
(*) 'Ctrl', 'Z', 'X' keys also act as clicking in gameplay mode.
(*) Can't fail in replay/test mode.
(*) Miss HP drain is now decided by "HP Drain" rather than "Overall Difficulty".
(*) Fixed bug with Editor's "File > Open" dialog crashing in some cases.

Planning on adding some more skinning support in soon. And finishing the other stuff that is waiting haha. Anyways, some of these changes today are pretty big in my eyes.

Got a bit done on the beatmap submission process (although admittedly spent more time approving beatmaps...), so this should be ready for testing in the next couple of days.
Undecided whether this belongs to requests...
In your development posts, could you also give an estimate on your progress with storyboarding and screen selection features? I for one, am interested in how this is coming along, but I don't want to nag you :P
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chan wrote:

Undecided whether this belongs to requests...
In your development posts, could you also give an estimate on your progress with storyboarding and screen selection features? I for one, am interested in how this is coming along, but I don't want to nag you :P
Sure. Here's an estimate of progress so far: 0%

I'll let you figure out why by looking at the changelog history! You guys just request too much out of me :P.

Besides - if I was working on it, it'd be in the changelog for that day.
Darn, I feared that might be the case. I'll stop with the requests for the time being
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2007-10-25 (b113)
(*) Spinners regenerate more HP.
(*) Huge performance increase on song selection screen.
(*) Breaking stuff and fixing stuff.

Ergh what a rough night. Made some progress on song selection, though. Thing should be ready to go over the next 3 or 4 days, I promise.

Make sure you have the latest version if you want to rank online... I made a few mistakes in an earlier build tonight which would have caused some dodgy rankings, so you will now need the newest version to get your scores updated.
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(+) Artist sorting fully implemented!
(+) Skin preview added to options screen.
(+) Skinning support for more menus added.
(*) Skin template updated. Added comments, readme and new sprites.
(*) Pacman skin updated.
(*) Fixed layout of login entry dialog.
(*) Fixed geki/katu bonus not appearing when missing the first hit of a slider.
(*) Fixed 'Ctrl' not working for spinners.
(*) Fixed new mp3s not displaying.

Pushing the limits of waking hours is oh so productive.

Just to emphasize:
(+) Artist sorting fully implemented!

Ohhhh yeah, it feels good :D.
I love the new sorting system. =3
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Extor wrote:

I love the new sorting system. =3
Believe me - so do i :)

p.s. come online!
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2007-10-27 (b121)
(+) Title/Difficulty sorting.
(+) Full dynamic song searching!
(+) Sorting tabs in place.
(+) Mouse is restricted to window during gameplay.
(+) 'Alt' distance-based snapping can be adjusted via Alt+MouseWheelUp/MouseWheelDown.
(+) Skins can specify how many frames to use in the slider ball loop.
(+) Difficulty stars increase in halves.
(+) 'Unplayed songs' folder added to sorting.
(*) Mousewheel seeks by default. Holding 'Ctrl' changes placement controls.
(*) Caching miss sprites for play mode.
(*) Fixed bug where gameplay would not end if last hit object was too close to end of audio track.

ZING! This is too good not to put a release up RIGHT NOW. :D
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2007-10-28 (b123)
(+) Bookmarks display in timeline.
(+) Added user stats to song selection screen.
(+) Custom sample support on a per-beatmap basis. (Ask me for further details)
(+) Added 'other' category to sorting, showing any which don't fit into alpha sorting folders.
(+) Added 16:9 letterboxing when in break time.
(*) Fixed ki-metre dropping off the screen in test mode.
(*) Cursor unlocks during replay.
(*) Can skip in replay by hitting 'Space'.
(*) Reversing selection handles new combo notes better.
(*) Fixed bug with difficulty sorting not showing some songs.
(*) Fixed circles turning black in edit mode.
(*) Fixed bug where timing sections would be screwed over in certain situations.
(+) Web: Beatmap listing is searchable.
(+) Web: Player Listing goes beyond the top 50. Has an option to find yourself.
(*) Web: Fixed download button not handling 's correctly.

Got more bug-fixing and minor improvements done than expected. Which means the beatmap submission system is still incomplete, but I'm sure you'll forgive me :D. I made a new beatmap this evening in ~1.5hours, but need to do an easy version before releasing. It should be pretty good!
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2007-10-29 (b125)
(+) Shift+1-8 changes divisor.
(+) Ctrl+Mousewheel changed to adjust divisor.
(*) Replaced search tab with 'All'.
(*) Default sort mode is now 'All'.
(*) Slider snap divisor set back to how it should be (not normal divisor/2).
(*) Fixed login entry dialog not disappearing correctly.
(*) Audio pauses when starting test mode.
(*) Test mode doesn't start if no circles are placed.
(*) Fixed stacking bugging when overall difficulty is increased.
(*) Mouse can leave window immediately after a song is passed, rather than waiting until ranking screen.
(*) First note after break time is automatically made a new combo in editor.
(*) Updated almost ALL skins.
(*) Fixed slider accuracy.

I have a public build ready with all this stuff, but am waiting until morning to put it up.. hopefully any bugs can be found before then. Also... I don't mind if you guys don't donate any money (haven't got a cent yet!) but does anyone want to donate their sleep? It also requires that you have the technology to transfer your energy gained during sleep directly to my body... because with all this osu! dev I haven't even started on that project yet.
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