[osu!] Mathsma's Skin [HD&SD] (Updated 11/24/13)

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5,500 downloads :D

This is a personal skin I created slowly over quite some time. The point of this skin was to look nice while maintaining usability. Most of the elements are created by me save for the combo burst sounds, countdown sounds, and hit sounds. I am not sure where I got them because this skin first started out as a mix of skins I liked but I slowly reskinned elements to my liking over time. If the cursor isn't to your liking please check out my other cursors.


- Changed default combo colours to be more visible.
- Changed sliderfollowcircle.
- Changed sliderb0.


- Thinned the hitcircleoverlay.
- Made the hitcircle brighter.
- Added a border around the approachcircle.
- Changed sliderfollowcircle for better following.


- Thinned the hitcircleoverlay for easier streaming.
- Changed sliderfollowcircle so it's not as cluttered when doing jump sliders.


- Changed hitcircle opacity from 80% to 55%.


- Fixed returnarrow alignment issues.
- Changed hitsounds for better timing.
- Changed cursor.


- Fixed spinner wobble issue.
- Fixed SD alignment issues.


- Made followpoints smaller so it doesn't get cluttered.
- Increased the delay for when followpoints appear to not cause confusion on higher ar.
- Changed hitcircle and hitcircleoverlay to something completely different.
- Changed cursor to my Type 2 style 2 yellow cursor from my cursor thread.


- Thinned out the approach circle for better accuracy.
- Cleaned up section-pass@2x.png.
- Decreased default-# size by 25%.


- Increased the brightness of the SliderTrackOveride.
- Added cursor trail for better reading on low ar.
- Resized the cursor for better play on cs7.
- Changed skin.ini combo colors for best visibility while looking appealing to the eye and matching most song choices.
- Fixed problem with hitcircle not lining up properly with hitcircleoverlay..


- Changed SliderTrackOverride to for better visibility of sliders.
- Changed approachcircle image for better visibility during streaming sections.


- Added Version: 1 to skin.ini.
- Changed the hitcircleoverlay to have a much better border for visibility and cursor snapping.
- Increased the hitcircle color border for better visibility when playing high AR songs.
- Removed the 五十 (go-jū) combo sound so that it does not sound cluttered from a 50 to 60 combo
- Resized the approach circles so that it is much easier to time visually.
- Changed the default cursor so that it is much easier to keep track of during high aim maps.
- Added HD section-pass and section-fail images.
- Changed SliderTrackOverride to better fit the hit circle.

Download: Mathsma's Skin

I am always open to suggestions for this skin so please feel free to post your opinions/comments.
Lovely skin. Every elements mixed amazingly.
Comboburst voices don't work correctly for example when comboburst-9 comes out the voice doesn't appear :/ maybe you can fix that? Overall awesome skin :)
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Zedt0 wrote:

Comboburst voices don't work correctly for example when comboburst-9 comes out the voice doesn't appear :/ maybe you can fix that? Overall awesome skin :)
I do not think it is possible to change when the combo burst appears so I just added a combo sound every 30, 60, 150, 250, etc.. up to 1000 so it should look better now.
OwO Cool Skin appear >///<
Uhm , looks good trying .
Very nice skin! Love it
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Updated the skin. Changes can be seen in the section labeled "Changes."
It keeps getting better! Keep it up :D
Very nice. I think I'll try it some other time.
omg good skin~
Nice ~ :oops: <3
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Updated the skin quite a bit, I think it was worth a bump.
i got skill boost with this skin, try it out people!!!!!
I have a tip: If you add particle# files (particle300.png, particle100.png, particle50.png) to your skin, it'll cause the game to use the new hit# animations that displays the numbers behind the circles. You could make them transparent if you don't want the particles to show.
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