Who can help me about mouse pen :(

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sorry im drunk english

now i buy a genius mouse pen i608 6*8 graphic tablet

and i think teblet area is large my friend use wacom he can edit tablet area to small

but i don't know how to edit of genius who use genius pls help me :cry:
Please refrain from shitposting unless you are in OT.

If you have a Bamboo tablet, you want to open the Bamboo Dock software that you should have downloaded, and access the options. Through that, you can open up your graphics tablet options, where you can open up the pen options, which will allow you to allocate the space of which you want your active pen space to be.
Not all graphic tablet drivers will let you adjust screen area size. Maybe read the instruction manual.

Rorona wrote:

Please refrain from shitposting unless you are in OT.
@ OP: refer to your instruction manual and/or driver software.
Use full tablet area.
Install the latest driver, and then once you have done that, go to your start menu > run > tabcfg.exe
Once you are there, move to the scope section, and from there on you will be able to edit what ever section on your tablet you want to use.

Here you can find the tablet driver in the downloads tab > drivers, download the compatible version for your PC.

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