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I have heard that if you have too many beatmaps, it will start to stutter when playing.
So I recently checked, and I have 1804 beatmaps available. Is that considered many ( Might be...)?
I have getting stutteríng times, where I normally rage because I'm having like a 1000 combo, and it all goes to waste because of a stutter. :cry:
Is there an easier way to get rid of micro stuttering or do I have to use hours on deleting beatmaps?

I have about ... this many maps, and I have NO stuttering. Where did you heard that?
I have over 66k beatmaps and I have no stutters while playing (only in the song selection screen).
Weird...My system is even up to date, and i play on 1920x1080p :S
I have about 30k beatmaps and I only have stutters during the song selection screen.

If you're using the "Unlimited" or "Unlimited (during gameplay)" frame limit settings, it likely has something to do with a driver setting somewhere. Also, if you're on a laptop, try clicking on your battery meter on your taskbar and changing the power plan to "High Performance" when you play.
If that doesn't solve your problem try lowering the Hz of your monitor (just a theory).
I have this problem when i play on my laptop with itunes open. Probably you just have too many apps running in the background so it's hogging the memory. Try ending some tasks and see what happens.
Check your disk usage. Your issue may be the page file usage. Go set it to where the minimum matches your total RAM and then set the maximum to twice that.

My laptop had that issue randomly and I checked and found the disk usage was maxing out from system usage and checked further for it to be the page file usage
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