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mafia chat:
dead chat:
actions and role list:

other notes:
  1. momoko's nexus and ninja activated if she didn't get half the required lynch votes on that day. she would "disappear" and no one could see her or target her.
  2. Rantai aka toki (deathproof enabler) enabled Caligno aka ryuuka (commuter)
  3. Irre's (saki) dayvig didn't work if it was LyLo to prevent any unfair mafia wins
  4. mafia had safeclaims mako (cop), satomi (bus driver)
  5. koromo's visitor was explicitly a counter for NH's (mihoko) track and Sakura's (yumi) watch
  6. Kyto's (hisa) JOAT had track, doc, vig, and roleblock

setup design: I wanted to ensure no one could outguess the mod (TM) so I followed some procedures when pcking the setup. I wanted one of the main characters to be mafia so I randomly picked one from Saki (dayvig), Koromo (super-saint), Yumi (watcher), or Nodoka (doublevoter). Momoko (ninja/nexus) was the only character I planned to be mafia from the start since I couldn't imagine her as anything besidse a ninja at least. the last mafia was chosen for balance and it ended up being Shizuno (disabler), even though that's already kind of a mafia role.

I figured 2.5 mafia (2 regular mafia and a mafia lover) would be fair given there was a lyncher who was probably going to screw town over and they had a dayvig. maybe even that was too much > <
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  1. Dake never used his visitor ability. it was supposed to be compulsive, but I forgot. ;w; so he made a smart move cause it existed as a direct counter for the investigative roles.
  2. sorry NH but I was laughing so hard at your misfortune the whole game. First how you used your ability and the only result you got was on the guy who died, and second how you lost to Koromo's ability after requesting Koromo when you signed up. plz don't hate me too much <3
  3. The two people with special moves (Saki and Koromo) got kills during the day. Saki's rinshan kaihou happens anytime during a hand so she got a daykill she could use anytime (dayvig). Koromo's happens at the end of a hand and onl yworks on the last tile so her kill happens at the end only on the person who hammers her (supersaint). kind of a stretch but it was the best I could come up with .-.
  4. I screwed two things up. first off, I'm not happy with how I handled the Irreversible replacement. it was unfair to everyone else since they had no idea what to do about that slot. as it was, he was able to replace back in and immediately get a quickhammer. Second, Dake's visitor was supposed to be compulsive, but I forgot to put that in the role PM. ;w;
  5. I wanna apologize for all the inactivity this game. hope it was at least somewhat enjoyable. I tried to keep it up with votecounts/deadlines/etc, the last thing I was going to do was lose interest in my own game just cause it was inactive :?

also, why did you all lynch the commuter? commuters are never mafia ;)

thanks everyone for playing :D I hope the game didn't suck too much with all the inactivity. if someone can give me suggestions on how to deal with this better I'd love you forever <3
Replace me faster, I really found that unfair.. :/ xD Yeah but that's all, I just got overloaded with three games, and school and this and that. I'm sorry guys, I've basically ruint this game.
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I was trying but I couldn't find anyone T_T

and plz don't blame yourself, it's my fault as the mod :cry:
y u mafia dayvig >.>

GG scum, at least I got one, but it was too late wwww
Making me Lover with scum... how lovely.

Really? Why would you instalynch me?
Once I figured out there were lovers in the game, it was pretty much obvious that Irreversible+Lover was scum; I just wanted to make sure Quotes was truly town and to see if the Irreversible slot would make a fatal mistake.
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CalignoBot wrote:

Once I figured out there were lovers in the game, it was pretty much obvious that Irreversible+Lover was scum; I just wanted to make sure Quotes was truly town and to see if the Irreversible slot would make a fatal mistake.
quotes was IC

I'm not that evil :(

also if you wanna know why they instalynched a commuter, it may or may not have something to do with the last game I hosted <_>
I never once believed Quotes was confirmed town mainly because of the way it was worded. It gave me a feeling that he might have been given an ability to have the mod say something once in the game.

And this was the second time I was lynched as town. Bleh.
Well i never imagined i'd be lovers with scum so i treated Nyquill like a mason partner, with quotes being IC, it was pretty much PoE for me and I voted you because Irre wasnt around and I thought he wouldnt be able to be around to NK me or Nyquill killing 2 town in 1 blow.

But Nyquill was scum sooo yeah.
I thought you had figured out that it was likely he was scum when you said you were willing to go down to take him with you.

I always assume that when I'm paired with someone and I'm unsure of their alignment, they're more likely scum than town.
I was hoping scum would NK the IC so i used my watch ability on quotes :<

Should teach that just because someone is an Innocent Child doesnt mean they would get Night Killed.
Never NKing Quotes nearly lost them the game. We had essentially two confirmed towns in LyLo that town could never lose (technically if both lovers were scum, but that balance would be horrific).
That said, I liked the setup. The ability to ninja-kill every single night was a bit overkill and I was assuming that the global track would've found out what I was (since the correct answer is no result instead of going nowhere), but otherwise it was done well.
Raging Bull
Calingo best town lyncher.
i just figured that saki is fucking lolis who play fucking mahjong
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