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咲 -Saki- Mafia (GAME OVER)

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Mod: Irreversible has voted for DakeDekaane.

Ugh, this inactiveness. I come back and find that basically nothing useful has been posted, and we're just as scattered as before.

Irreversible wrote:

Sakura, in other games you're always really scumhunting, but not in this game. and i mean.. you were the one who even taught me scumhunting so.. :/
So you think Sakura is scum?

To be honest, there isn't enough discussion happening at all and just looking at the votecount, I can tell we're basically doing a random lynch D1. I'm okay with a Royston lynch, but I would prefer if we lynched someone inactive, or this is going to just get progressively worse in terms of people being inactive, so I'm keeping my vote on Ono.

I've got midterms early tomorrow, so I'm heading to bed.
also I'm currently not voting for anyone, I unvoted Quotes ages ago

Great, I'm going to get lynched by two inactive players and their parked votes. Bloody fantastic.

Caligno: I thought you were going to provide the reason RB's ISO was suspicious if nobody guessed it? There isn't much time left

Irreversible: Why'd you vote for Dake over Sakura?

Why hasn't Quotes been posting more? Since he's the only confirmed town he's probably gonna be nightkilled and he hasn't said anything at all recently
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sry, fixed

deadline is in 5:22

Raging Bull wrote:

There's nothing significant about my ISO, unless that is what you meant (haha).
You're getting closer. Add one more significant detail and it becomes scummy.

CalignoBot wrote:

Raging Bull wrote:

@ Calingo, you can't really say that just because Rantai has same style like you as scum that Rantai is scum.
Why exactly can't I do this?

Raging Bull wrote:

You also can't seem to back it up with anything since you even said we cannot prove or disprove it.
That doesn't invalidate the reason for using it in the first place.
Because your playing style as scum does not mean his playing style as scum.

And you realize at the same time, it doesn't validate the reason for thinking he's scum.

#1: That logic doesn't really work. I use that logic train because I understand why scum would do those actions. If someone else does those actions, I see it more likely coming from mafia than town (this is pretty much the basis of at least 95% if not ALL scumhunting). You're basically arguing here that I can't use this train of logic because I don't know what he's thinking.

#2: Two questions. 1. Why would my reasoning need to be validated? 2. Why would it need to be proved to be valid?

Raging Bull wrote:

And why did you even get off Rantai case? Has he done anything to you that feel like unvoting for? Or perhaps you are just unvoting now since people just aren't jumping on Rantai bandwagon as you hoped it would.
My read on Rantai has not decreased. Rather, my read on you has escalated beyond it.
That entire spoilbox should be in a quote tag.
You know I'm not so keen on a Royston vote. I'd rather be lynching Ono simply for the fact that he was flying low during the earlier posts.

Vote: Ono

Also Caligno never answered my question.
Which question? I probably missed or forgot about it.
Well, not much else I can do at this point.

Vote: OnosakiHito
So you will sacrifice another person? I'm sure that's not too townie imo, do you have any reasons besides he hasn't aported anything?
You can share your reads too, claiming, dunno :u

CalignoBot wrote:

Which question? I probably missed or forgot about it.

Rantai wrote:

Which post did you try to clear it up?

Feels like to let it just run for whatever reason instead of clarifying (well, depends on where you tried to clear it up obviously).
I saw one post regarding it but want to check what you say first.

DakeDekaane wrote:

So you will sacrifice another person?
Yup, I'm an ass like that. Seriously though my read on Ono is null, but as they hasn't posted anything in 5 days I don't see them as an asset to town
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Votecount 1.10

OnosakiHito (3) - Kytoxid, Rantai, Royston
Royston (2) - Sakura, Nyquill
CalignoBot (1) - DakeDekaane
Raging Bull (1) - CalignoBot
DakeDekaane (1) - Irreversible

Not voting - NoHItter, OnosakiHito, Raging Bull, Quotes

With 12 alive, it takes 7 to lynch. Deadline is in 0:28.
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GAME 4/10

Kytoxid, Rantai, and Royston got paired against OnosakiHito. They were exchanging blows back and forth throughout the whole hanchan, but around the South 2 mark they immediately noticed something is wrong.

"I can't see anything at all", Kytoxid thought.
"does it seem like there's mist floating around", Rantai remarked?
"hey that's odd, I felt the same sort of thing", Royston said.

OnosakiHito started going on a dealer streak as Royston started to feel more and more lost. especially it got to the point where Royston felt so lost he could starve to death before finding his way out. Then he drew his hand and ended up being 6 shanten, while OnosakiHito declared riichi on the 3rd turn.

9 turns later, Royston was still 6 shanten. He hadn't got a single useful tile all hand. Knowing something was terribly off, eventually he just snapped and flipped the automatic table over on top of OnosakiHito.

Of course everyone immediately came rushing in to see what the hell happened, but upon searching OnosakiHito they found a really suspicious looking note containing instructions on how to play each hand such that she'd win faster. what the hell?!

OnosakiHito (Takakamo Shizuno) - Mafia Disabler - lynched D1

it is now N1. The deadline is 10/24, 06:00 GMT (23:00 from now).
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Resolving night actions
Topic Starter
Everyone woke up knowing Round 1 was over. They quickly went to check the leaderboards to see who all was remaining only to see


This seemed oddly familiar. Everyone assumed she left, but some knew better and went off looking for her. Just when people started telling them they were wrong and she had left, Hisa herself came walking out

"oo? what's this?"

Naturally knowing Hisa some ass kicking occurred, but despite all her hard efforts and her experience as student congress president, she wasn't able to get her disqualification revoked.

Kytoxid (Takei Hisa) - Jack of all Trades - killed N1

It is D2. With 10 alive, it takes 6 to lynch. The deadline is 10/29, 06:00 GMT (119:33 from now)
Mafia probably have a Ninja.
Also Dake, do you have a passive ability?
And I believe that Rantai is likely town, and to a less extent Royston.
A barely plurality lynch with three people on the wagon won't likely have any buses, but I can't count out Royston that much since he was the lynch candidate before Ono.

NoHitter wrote:

Mafia probably have a Ninja.
why's that?

Also what's a Disabler?
A Disabler is a Disabler, duh.

@NH: I do have a passive ability.
Well either Mafia Ninja targeted Kyto or Mafia didn't target anyone and Kyto was a victim of unlucky targeting.
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