[osu!taiko] Groovecube - How Are You by cdh

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Should Groovecube - How Are You be Loved?

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Groovecube - How Are You by cdh
180 BPM, 2:30 | 5.40★
The [I'm Die, Thank You Forever. (MTC EDIT)] difficulty is not being nominated for Loved.

Captain's description (by Boaz):
cdh returns to the taiko Loved scene with yet another gimmick map! How Are You was featured in the osu!taiko World Cup 2021 and goes down in TWC history as one of the most creative FreeMod picks in the series. Usually we only see gimmick maps like this in the NoMod section of tournament pools, but the TWC 2021 poolers really spiced up their finals pool with this amazing map.

How Are You already starts off quite silly with some ninja notes and sliders, but it gets even crazier as the map progresses. Soon enough in the map you'll be dealing with mind-boggling overlaps and a fairly unique use of barlines. The barlines in the first and second kiai show you a sequence of notes you'll have to remember and play 1 second later. If you thought it couldn't get any harder, this map also features a brutal low-SV section and a tri-colored stream. I highly recommend you check this map out at least once if you enjoy gimmick maps!

Please use this thread to discuss why you believe this map should or should not enter the Loved category!
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This map passed the voting! It will be moved to Loved soon.
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