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I can't play long streams

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You won't improve very much in 1k plays or even 5k plays. Just keep playing and you will get better slowly over time.
I had to play stream maps and play them constantly for two months to get stamina. Every single day pushing my limits, and only then could i do long stream maps with less and less stamina problems. 8 weeks of playing low and medium bpm stream marathon maps. Playing goreshit compilation marathon. Over and over all the time. Nothing but that. Then I could do long streams. I had to take a break for two weeks to let my arms recover from tearing the muscles up so much. Took a week to get back in form, and then I start building yet again, but not as extreme this time. My form has been the same since, and drops back off until I start working on stamina for several days in a row. It is not something that just happens, you have to work really hard for it.
have you tried selling your pottery? it looks pretty good.
Did you expect to be able to do long streams after only about 4,000 plays? Play more long stream (or maybe even deathstream) maps, and you will soon gain stamina. Now, you kind of have the idea on how frustrated people get playing Freedom Dive :P
biggest part of streams is reading, reading comes by time. play more and you'll be able to read streams
Did You expect An Instant-Improvement?
With only 5k plays You can't get Instant-Improvement... You need to keep Practice and Practice...
Also, with My 11k Plays too... I still can't play 185+ bpm LongStreams/DeathStreams :(

satriobp wrote:

Also, with My 11k Plays too... I still can't play 185+ bpm LongStreams/DeathStreams :(
You don't learn to stream by farming hards with HD.

GoldenWolf wrote:

You're not listening to the rhythm.
What is reading approach circles.

BRBP wrote:

satriobp wrote:

Also, with My 11k Plays too... I still can't play 185+ bpm LongStreams/DeathStreams :(
You don't learn to stream by farming hards with HD.
;_;... Well, I play Deathstream maps too... (But I'm A Perfectionist :roll: )
I can easily do 190 bpm if that is short streams (3-15).
That's pretty normal, because of mindset. when you know a long stream that you have problems with is coming up you're more likely to fail, plus it's much easier to quickly hit the notes 3-4 times each then 15-20 each. I can do 240+ triples but can barely stream 180 (sometimes 200) bpm.
Only 1 week dude? You have to practice much much more than that if you want to be good at long streams. When I began in osu I used to play stream maps for like 4 hours a day, after 6~ months of practice with some breaks between, I was able to do 200 BPM long streams (300~ notes) but that took a lot of hardwork.
Take breaks. Work on your form and technique. Learn how tempo works. Relax and don't stress out so much. I was in the same boat as you and it just takes time and dedication. You'll get it eventually just try not to get so upset. Above all just have fun and enjoy the music.

I learned that stressing over what you can't do really holds you back in developing your abilities. All the doubt just really holds you down. I read an article on finger speed for pianists and it showed it's really all in your head. Try and play comfortably upping the pace a bit at a time making certain you know you're hitting each note on time with the beat.

Aqo once brought up a valid point that you can stream at low speeds in bursts at high BPM and it will make it seem like you can hit that speed, but really the OD saves you.

Play fast stuff that has lots of burst streams to get your fingers working; you don't need to worry about accuracy. Once you play roughly an hour or so of that move to long streams that you feel comfortable with aiming for accuracy and good tempo. It'll trick you into the speed feeling slow so it will be easier to hit. Repeat that cycle a couple times a day always pushing your limits (speed training > accuracy training > speed training > etc ). It will click and you will get it eventually. If you are really struggling and can't survive 10-20 notes of a BPM (doing long streams) you're out of your limits and should cut back to slower stuff.

Sorry if I rambled on a bit. I usually type these posts on my phone and don't really check my formatting. I just hope this helps you. I know I personally am a terrible player, but I'd at least like to help others in need instead of just saying "play more" or "haha play count, u sux" (which doesn't help the person in need at all)
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