Calling all touchscreens! I can't Click notes on lazer new update with my touchscreen

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Problem details: Teleporting cursor on ous lazer

Lazer 2022.515.0

Hello, I have a question. Lazer has some problems for me, I play on the surface ( a window laptop ). With this device, I can click the notes without having to drag my hand on the screen and using the keyboard. it seems like I'm having Connection issues with the version now, it works perfectly on stable. this has been uneasy having to play the other way to enjoy Lazer any way to fix this? I have already tried to see if it was my skin or even try playing around with the settings. try to follow the forums, but I still can't get notes even if I tap hard enough! If it is Please comment. if you do have a touch screen do you have the same problems or its just me?

i post videos if i have too
Please report this here:
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Thank you!
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