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Hi Everyone,
its been quite some time since i finished the map in question.
I merely map to share songs i like listening to.
To actually have people know about it i feel like it needs a leaderboard of some kind but when i tried to get it loved i was rejected because it doesnt have enough favourites.
So if everyone reading this could check it out i would be most honored!
Thank you in advance!

Map: beatmapsets/965824#osu/2021696
Joon Yorigami
As far as I've heard, maps that are intentionally going for loved are looked down upon by Project Loved nominators so good luck with that.
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Yhuan Debeste wrote:

As far as I've heard, maps that are intentionally going for loved are looked down upon by Project Loved nominators so good luck with that.
To be fair back in the day i was trying for ranked and i even had a couple hypes but i just dont have the time nowadays to waste my time away trying to get it ranked.
After all from what i felt and from what i heard from others - the ranking process is a bitch.
Ranking a map is way easier than loved
First you need at least 30 favorites to be able to get your map loved. Then you can submit your map in this website and wait.

To get 30 favorites you will need a really good map, and people to try it. For that, a solution is to play in multiplayer and put your map, and see if people like it. You can also try to get feedback and improve your map by using the Modding queues.

But I think if you made a rankable map and you intended for ranked first, try to get your map ranked instead of loved. It would be way easier because to get loved, it takes time, usually several years. In addition to that, getting ranked is way more interesting than loved, because it gives PP, so more people will play it. Another problem by aiming Loved it's you will struggle more to find feedback because in the modding queue they usually check maps with the goal of being ranked.

So if it's possible, aim for ranked first. Because without popularity (for some reason), you will never get loved.

And imo for your map, you should add more difficulties, so more people will be able to check your map, and it will show that you put effort in this mapset.
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@Corne2Plum3 thank you for the detailed feedback.

Maybe i just went about it wrong back then but it felt like i got ignored at every corner.
I think more difficulties would be interesting so maybe i am gonna work on that in the near future.
After all noone can know that i put way to many hours into creating and adjusting the map. (about 50+ hours?)

EDIT: i wish people would at least let me know why they didnt enjoy a map instead of just voting and letting me gues - in multis it has never gotten negative feedback when i asked afterwards
you can go to modding queue and try to find some people to give you feedback
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