Ask to save unsaved changes after editing thw storyboard.

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I was doing a storyboard for a beatmap and I was used to saving by clicking "esc" and then there being a warning asking "Do you really with to save changes to this beatmap?" It only appears after editing hitobjects and/or -sounds, but not after editing the storyboard. I just did a storyboard for about 20mins and because of this I lost all my progress. So my suggestion would be to add this feature when making unsaved changes to the storyboard too.
I can see this being pretty important to most storyboard creators. Definitely some good QoL, might be something to test in lazer and see if storyboarding in lazer is any better than in stable for the time being.

Otherwise, I'd make sure to do interval saves. Every 5 or so minutes of creation just pressing ctrl+s will save incidents like above.
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