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Is there a way to write a program that can modify a beatmap?

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So I have a project I'd like to code up, but I'm not aware if there is any way to use an external program to modify a beatmap. Anybody know whether or not there is a way to do this?
You mean .osu and .osb files? They are just .txt files that have been renamed, so open them as simple plain text files.
There are tons of programs that do this. I've even written one myself :oops:
The first step to successful development: do, then ask questions later. Opening any .osu file in a text editor would have revealed this for you.
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Well, now I feel really dumb :( Sorry about that.

General, Editor, Difficulty and Metadata should be pretty obvious. Events is SB code.

TimingPoints is as follows:

<offset>,<bpm as milliseconds per beat [-100 is inherited],<timing signature>, <sampleset>, <can't remember this one off the top of my head, second sampleset marker I believe>, <volume>, <0 = inherited, 1= uniherited>, <kiai active>

You should try to access anything involving HitObjects through the osu!sdk rather than writing your own parser - the sdk will always stay format compliant whereas your own parser will need updating.

Good luck!
This is all wrong. Use the SDK. It was made to avoid doing this shit. :(

peppy wrote:

This is all wrong. Use the SDK. It was made to avoid doing this shit. :(
Sorry for posting in and old thread, but I didn't want to make a new thread for this. (I'll repost if you want it separate)

I'm personally quite interested in this. I wasn't around when it got released, but I want to have a go at making tools with the SDK.

I have seen many threads where people are having problems compiling and getting this to work. I have tried myself and only get aimod to crash the game.

Do you still support the SDK? Is there a way to get it to work? Is there a way to get the plugins to work?
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