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Wanted to start an album project with a popular techno/trance/hands up producer DJ Splash and his album Nostalgia!

Heres the tracklist:
1. Always (3:52)
2. Beverly Pills Theme (3:12)
3. Destiny (6:41)
4. Don't Fall in Love (4:08)
5. The Love We Had (7:18)
6. New Life (3:08)
7. Happy Times (3:29)
8. So Irresistable (3:20)
9. The Touch (5:41)
10. How Ya Feel (3:11)
11. You (2:50)
12. Enjoy The Sound (3:12)
13. Energize (3:24)
14. A Beautiful Day (4:44)
15. To The Club (3:19)

Genre: Electronic (Hands Up)
Timing: Between 140-146BPM depending on the song

I set the timing, bookmarks and kiai for each of the maps, all that's left is to map and hitsound them (maybe storyboard too if you want lol).
Would be nice if each of the maps had at least 3 difficulties, but that doesn't mean more than that isn't allowed.
Here's a download for all the maps:

Just send in any guest difficulties you make for the map on this topic
Experience in mapping doesn't matter, NOT MEANT FOR RANKED
I'm gonna send in each map I finish as I'm done as well, so, don't worry about me not participating haha.
Also, for any questions, don't feel afraid to ask

Thanks for reading :3
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First uploaded song, 3 difficulties (easy, normal, hard):
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Second uploaded song, 3 difficulties as well (1 finished so far, easy):
I should do this as an old style mapper
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PentagonGlxy wrote:

I should do this as an old style mapper
Sure, most of these songs are from 2006, it does give off that vibe
That's also my approach with these maps
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