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I am worried by my work, I don't know if I am getting paid this fortnight, nor when I am going back to work normally.

Not to speak about studies, all this thing started when I was ending this semester fortunately, but I am not quite sure when are we going to start the next one.


OT: I'm so worried about my college plan rn. Even though I have like quite a while to come up with a decision, I just can't help myself and think that I might choose the wrong one
Hmmm, that's usually a difficult decision, I ended up studying a carreer I didn't want and wasted one year and ended up enrolling in another carreer.
It's normal. A lot of people change majors because they don't have much experience in their desired field, so they're not sure if they'll truly be interested in it or not. Don't stress it too much, just be confident and do a lot of research beforehand.
I need someone to help me

There is this girl I want to get to know better (I think she’s cute) but don’t know how I can do that

Will dming her through discord be creepy?


And I’m in quarantine btw
Well, its been 7 days since you posted that so you might have already done something and I'm not exactly the most socially adept person so there are probably better people than me to answer this, but i'll just say what's on my mind.

Given that we're in quarantine we don't really have a lot options rn (tho you already kno that). DM'ing her on discord should be fine. I mean it's possible to come off as creepy but that just depends on what you say and how she perceives it. Most likely it's not something to worry about. The hard part is actually figuring out what to say and for that I salute you and say good luck. Maybe small talk would be best to start out and get to know each other, like maybe something school related (i'm assuming you two go to the same school) and eventually after enough interactions you can have conversations that are on a more personal level. I think something that can definitely help a friendship/relationship grow is by finding and talking about things that both of you are interested in. Hobbies, shows, movies, or whatever. Those kinds of things.

Yea that's all I got. Again I also have trouble with these things so as much as I'd like to help you out more, I just don't have the skills or experience to do so.


OT: So for whatever reason the 24-hour game jam project that I made last weekend is considered to be a "Fresh Game" according to Which I guess means that it was curated by.. someone? and added to that category. The description of the category says "Browse a constantly updating set of projects sourced from a curated collections by our members. Check back for new additions", so yea I'm not entirely sure how it works.

Anyways, since it's categorized under "Fresh Games" it has a chance of appearing on the front page of the site which is pretty cool. Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about this since it's not exactly a full fleshed out game or anything. It's more of a minigame since again it was made within 24 hours. I'm not just sure if it truly belongs under that category, and I'm just worried that the people who actually downloaded the game after seeing it there were expecting more than a quick minigame. has an analytics page where you can see the number of downloads, views, etc of your games. The game I made jumped up in popularity a few days ago, and when I took a look at where all the traffic was coming from I found out that it was coming directly from the front page. That's how I figured out that it was categorized under "Fresh Games".

It's a very unexpected, exciting, and worrying feeling. Below is a screenshot from the front page of the site where you can see the game I made (STOMP).

FUCK i'm procrastinating again.
Ayy, u might as well. It'd make me happy anyway if the stuff I created make it into the front page.


OT: I was reminiscing for a bit about New Page game so I kinda read a portion of the forum. I really wish that something like that game would be recreated soon. Maybe it would make me feels more interested in the forum than I am rn
Status: Just registered for next semester's classes without a hitch!
i've had a painful cyst on my ass for a good few weeks now and it turns out i need surgery since it's reoccurring.

that's exactly what i like to hear
click squares
I changed my pfp.

I'm so conflicted as to whether I should validate this or not.

Also, it's the first thing, first try I'm playing after several days (maybe "weeks"?) and I...
Li Syaoran
I miss Trash Boat

Westonini wrote:

i've had a painful cyst on my ass for a good few weeks now and it turns out i need surgery since it's reoccurring.

that's exactly what i like to hear
sounds like a real pain in the ass

badum tiss
tempted to return to these forums once again

Restore wrote:

tempted to return to these forums once again
I'm here on vacation. I'll probably go home soon though.
I decided on a whim to add translations for this.

A "gameplay" of a short free game.
Title of the video: "「Dear」, a sad story of a girl whose mouth's been sealed".

Current phase: writing the translations (9 minutes and a half out of 43 done).

To say more about something related to that game, which is the website Freem (ふりーむ), it's where free (Japanese) games are uploaded.
"LiEat"* and "Blank Dream" are also available in their original, "Japanese game", state on that website.
(*Of course, Miwashiba's other works are there too.)

There are some interesting games, from the "plays" I've seen on FOS's channel, if the language barrier isn't a problem to you.
(Although there are other, more notable "YouTubers" and "V-Tubers" who also are on that field. But that's nothing I care about.)
Wei Wuxian
Playing cookie clicker, making a lot of progress today
reached 5k pp on mania
Trying to bring back dead forum games that will likely to be popular again before it is inactive although this is only like 10 days ago. This has a lot of posts people can look through our status. Maybe someone wants to update their status too.
working on mania mapping olympiad entry. frums is a good featured artist btw
looking for references to map an insane+ diff
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