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when can i get some actual decent points? holy fuck, TN never fails to make me miserable.
I wanted to nap but I instead ended up hibernating.
old forum where?

Hyerim wrote:

old forum where?
not joking
Status: 26/30 on my first Physics midterm. Already doing much better than last year.
Ender Lain
gonna upload my sky-blocks survival creation
People can be really mean sometimes .-.
Status: I now understand all of the music inside this video after re-watching Love Live!!


Took me over a long time to get motivated and complete the main drain. Huff.
I opened up to someone about something, they wanted to tell other people, I felt extremely uncomfortable with this and convinced them I was lying, and I'm not sure whether they're convinced. Every route terrifies me. Every possibility terrifies me.

This probably seems like a bad move on her part, due to lack of information. Probably seems like friends gossiping. It wasn't. She made the right decision, but I'm terrified of this right decision. I am trying to dig myself out of that hole. Unfortunately, that requires lying.

I thought I was making progress, telling her about something, but then I ran away.

It felt amazing to talk about something which was bothering me, but I obviously feel like crap now. I either have the crappy consequence of others being told a huge secret (despite them being professionals, I'm embarrassed and ashamed - It's something I've been hiding and lying about pretty much all my life), or the crappy consequence of having no one to talk to about how I'm feeling because I can't be honest. All while the issue's simply getting worse.

With the rate I'm going down this hole, I'm scared for the future, but I also don't want a bunch of people swarming around me like wasps. I don't want my mum worried, neither.
Tad Fibonacci
Aside from TN, FG is pretty dead atm.

Trying to revive it.
I must admit that FG has gotten a bit boring, let's revive it.
Tad Fibonacci
I just bought some snacks and drinks to prepare for an epic gaming session.

And then my dad invited his friends over to watch football on our TV.

Kapoya Ginoo ko!
I just failed NNN
I actually finished a "singable" translation for this......
Well, at least, in my mind, I managed to make the syllables fit into the rhythm......
things have been going surprisingly well recently. it’s been a while since i felt this good about myself and my future. hopefully everything continues down this path.
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