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Rebmare wrote:

Status: little stress with an issue happening in a discord server, and as a "staff member" I'm the only one who cares enough to do anything about it. But it's difficult to even do something.
Well doing something is normally better than doing nothin. I'm sure there's at least some people there that appreciate that you're trying.

Rebmare wrote:

Also trying to think of more things to add to my userpage to make it interesting
I see a lot of people putting osu milestones and goals on their page, like "Best Rank: 20,000" or "First time beating a 6-star map", etc. Dunno, just a suggestion. It could be a fun little thing to do. Just check out what other people have and maybe you could steal get new ideas.

Ay just look at my amazing userpage

- - -

OT: finally got some free time to fuck around and do practically nothing. hell ye. i mean i like doin productive stuff cuz otherwise if i go too long without doing anything i start to feel sorta useless and sad, but it was just non-stop for a while and i needed a break.
Welp. Chitoge avatar picture now. I remember being obsessed with her in 2015. Not so much anymore tbh, plus I reconsidered my tsun tastes in that time span too.
Tad Fibonacci
Oh shit it's 4 am already.
Love sleeping during rainy days
New avatar.
Probably changing my behaviour in the forums to match the avatar.
2nd of July is tomorrow.

For once, I'm trying not to reveal too much here.

I'm prepared to have remembered something wrong.
If not, I'm kinda nervous, but also happy.
She wont message me immediately on that day, surely? I don't know. I don't know anything anymore. These past few weeks have been pure confusion.
Physically drained
Taking a hiatus from posting on OT. I dont think I really have the time to continue playing investigative journalist. Also lacking a bit of energy today.
Tad Fibonacci
Already missed Puzzle on OT.
Will be physically drained part 2
I'm trying to figure out how the transfert does not work.

Don't tell me to get a hard-disk or a better USB, I'm not going through that.
friday night, marathon night
I think I'm getting bitten by bed bugs...
I just deleted a section in my map and now I have to remap it again...

Trying to learn some music theory. At least the basic fundamentals for now anyways.

I've been messing around in LMMS for a few days now and been having fun with it, but I figure I could improve greatly with some music theory knowledge. Since I've come to understand how to use LMMS I can actually put what I'm learning into practice in the program, which is helpful to understanding what the fuck they're talking about. I'm on break with a lot of free time right now so I'm just tryna hone some old skills while forming new ones.

I should probably have a job right now but we don't talk about that
21-7, 12-21, 21-15
Lost to my 30 year old aunt on a table tennis match. Been 5 years tho since I've last played
I just stayed on a car for 2 hours without my phone waiting for someone. Kill me
Like I suspected, I've grown up to become trash and a disappointment to my parents. I'd better take myself out soon.
Tad Fibonacci

GSG95 wrote:

Like I suspected, I've grown up to become trash and a disappointment to my parents. I'd better take myself out soon.
I don't know what caused you to come to that conclusion and I won't pretend to know.
But I do understand that life can sometimes be depressing. You're fine, you can get through it!
If you hate yourself then go work on yourself enough so that you can learn to appreciate yourself.
If you hate being "trash" and "a disappointment" to your parents then work on yourself to change that.
Life isn't about how hard you hit, it's about how much will you be able to get hit and still get back up.
Being alive alone is pretty much a constant stream of embarrassment, what matters is that you can overcome it.

Sorry if all this may sounds a bit cheesy. But I think that your parents would be truly disappointed if you decides give up on yourself.
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