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reached 5k pp on mania
Trying to bring back dead forum games that will likely to be popular again before it is inactive although this is only like 10 days ago. This has a lot of posts people can look through our status. Maybe someone wants to update their status too.
working on mania mapping olympiad entry. frums is a good featured artist btw
looking for references to map an insane+ diff
I am dominating the forum games. Then get back with mapping.
Wei Wuxian
Had dinner, watching DS slave over forum formatting
im finding it very interesting to see how things have changed since ive last been in fg
I'm mostly everywhere in the first page of the forum games.

45Traeath wrote:

I decided on a whim to add translations for this.
Submitted the CC.
I can't take all over the forum games again. I don't feel like it. But, the power inside me came out in a blazing dust of darkness, surrounded me with evil lurking behind me. It takes control of me. I can't... I just can't...
Wei Wuxian
Started the first steps of getting my garbage attempt of a novel into something readable for a visual novel. Turns out, I need to rewrite EVERYTHING in order to fit the medium, plan alternate routes for the player to choose, plan where art will change/code that needs to be written, and hope the artist that I have intrigued in the project will not run away when they see how disorganized my story-planning is.

... not to mention, I need to learn what sizes I need the assets to be for a game that's 1920 x 1080 resolution...
Ah s#!t, here we go again.
Wei Wuxian
Making a new CTB catcher for myself... I can't stand playing with the defaults
sleepy. mmmmmmmm
I want to rest and do work.
It such a tiring day.
Hi everyone! Hope you have a fine day.
I miss JAB.
Done for the day.

See you later!
Don't care if I double post it, just care to say hi.

So, pretty a-ok right? Pretty much everything still went well despite there are posts about JAB's appearance. Let's see if he's still awake. JAB?
help i need content whatever that be because i need content for the rest of the summer

also, i should sleep
Ok, I take a break from OT. Be back in a few hours.
I'm now confused. My brain plays me very well.
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