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Trying out the skin is better than watching pictures! Video will follow.

Approved by CatsOnAcid (cleanest skin ever), Quanteck (most beautiful skin, so beautiful I'll never use it), Sitinitis (takes getting used to but looks great) and WG_K3F1n who is using it right now!

If you want my old hitcircles or sliderball, they're in the zip folder.

Show me what it looks like!

I want it! Where do I download?
You can click this piece of text.
Hoo.... Thank you~
This theme is really accurate~ OAO
Nice skin very HD'ish
Nice one Don. Great skin!
Post screen shots like this


Heibel wrote:

Post screen shots like this

Yeah, I know, however, the problem with that is that if I want to spoilerbox it, it doesn't crop, hence why I spoiler//linked it. I'll unspoiler it

^Yes it does
[box=well ok then][img]http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1000272[/img]
Interesting skin I've noticed a lot of skins in this style (the hit circle has a hole in it) Anyways good job!
Thanks a lot for this skin, It's so saxxy!
this isn't ready sorry x.x
you only have the small ranking letters.
  1. ranking-A.png
  2. ranking-B.png
  3. ranking-C.png
  4. ranking-D.png
  5. ranking-S.png
  6. ranking-X.png
all missing
ranking-replay.png and ranking-retry.png are kinda odd imo. maybe reskin them to say "Replay" and "Retry" instead of just "R" and "W"
same with pause-continue.png, pause-retry.png and pause-back.png
i'd suggest changing selection-mod-autoplay.png from "AT" to "AU"
menu-back-n.png might look better if you remove menu-back-0.png, menu-back-1.png and menu-back-2.png, and then then added some extra frames in.
also i think the spinner needs a bit more work. kinda hard to tell if you're close to finishing or not :<

will post more if i see more
also some of these elements seem familiar :<
I love this skin, but I agree with deadbeat. You should change the "Retry" and "Watch Replay" to say Retry and Watch Replay and not R or W, and same with the pause menu.
But overall, I love it. :D
Loving this skin!
nice skin :)
Awesome skin! It's really good for gaining accuracy.
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