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[Luanny] wrote:

oh my god rly you're the best person on this forum LOL
More yellow people yay
Everyone can be an amazing person. :)

Kitsunemimi wrote:

inb4 everyone starts posting in this thread to get support.
Also, it's nice that you're trying to help out the community and everything, and I'm not really trying to rain on your parade or anything but.. Please be mindful that not the entire community is as friendly as you describe, and some may try to abuse your generosity. Just something to look out for~
I'll try my best to watch out for things. Thanks so much, too. ^^

NotEvenDoomMusic wrote:

this is how it looked like inside my little head:

very "presidential" speech right there.
To be a friend. :)

LeftyRighty wrote:

Wow, you have such a great attitude! Wish there were more people like you in this community. :D
There are quite a few. And all they ever hope for is to be a friend for someone and be someone's friend. ^^

Rorona wrote:

That's something amazing. I could never do that. Feeling this at home with a community that you actually don't know at all is quite a blessing, it's kind of main character. Kind of REALLY main character.
Whilst I do believe that the community is nice in general, I think giving money (essentially) away to people that you don't know without a second thought is...gracious^2.
And ignorant. But in a REALLY good way, like we need more people like you, because it's an amazing way to progress as both a species and as an individual person.
That's what I try to do. I've given away supporter just because I want to be nice, and let people enjoy their game a whole lot more. ^^ It's everyone's choice to be a friend or not, but I guarantee I will be. :D

Yuu-Chii wrote:

I love you
And so do i. :) And everyone!

-MikexD- wrote:

Gimme a bit of your happiness! no but srsly jokes aside, you are awesome, hope i can hit you someday in-game and play together!

Fergzyy wrote:

Always nice to have a positive attitude (:

mathexpert wrote:

gotta keep it pozzy, it's all about that positive push


Stay away from the elitists and keep that positive attitude brother we need more of that around here.
It is, and it's always nice to try and spread it around which I try to do! I'll love to play whenever I get a chance to! And no matter how much I ever improve at this game, I'm always a friend no matter what!

And you'r welcome! to everyone that thanked me for supporter you're always welcome at any time!
Wow Kitokofox you sound like such an awesome and generous person. I'm glad there's people like you in this community, and since you're so awesome I'm going to add you as a friend :D
Kitokofox do you know what does the fox say? He says that once upon a time there was a legendary fox called Kitokofox. He spread happiness in every corner of the Osu! kingdom and became friends with everyone. Legend says that if you meet Kitokofox you will also receive a portion of his happiness. This community is wonderful indeed~ :D Let's be friends!! :idea:
i would like to have your mindset
I want the sweet and warm cuddliness that you hold dear in your soul.

Oh my god, if I had that, I'd be happy for all eternity.
Kitokofox, I love you.
To OP: Wow you must have a hell lot of money :)

Finally a REALLY kind individual in this community! Keep it up! :D

Just saying, don't let people make use of your positiveness though
There's one guy in the russian community. Every time he logs in(once a month) our nicknames are yellowin'. I think he has the same feelings. I'm glad to see that making people happy makes you proud of it! You are cool!
as usual i have to say sorry for my ingrish
You make this a better place, even though I might destroy it D:
i have been playing for 7 months and i dont have any osu! friends yet D:

maybe i should play more multi XD

skiter43 wrote:

i have been playing for 7 months and i dont have any osu! friends yet D:

maybe i should play more multi XD
You can also chat random things at your language channel :3
It's great to see people who are so unabashed about goodwill, and want to share it with others.

I'm not around much anymore, and this a nice thing to see after a while.

If you intend to, please don't grant me supporter because I have it by virtue of being a BAT.
Where have you been all this time? It is very cool to see someone like you, that tries to make osu! a better place for everyone. I was sincerely losing faith.

Really, thank you.
Best person.

I wish someone else was cool enough to renew my tag (expires in 2 days).
posting in here to get free support

don't disappoint me
Oh , you're a great guy . I wanna be your friend too :P
Uwah, somehow I didn't notice this.

You seem like a really nice person! I'm a little surprised you can afford to give away so much- make sure you don't hurt yourself in any way with your charity!- but seriously, to do something of this scale... I'm envious, haha.

also please don't give me supporter if you intend to, I don't play the game at all so it'd be a waste!

Zarerion wrote:

I suggest not to become a mapper if you want to keep that kind of attitude towards the community

and hello kitoko !
Damn dude, I felt the power of love and friendship smack me in the face from reading the OP
Just out of curiosity, about how many months did you already gift?
Most people in this thread seem to have supporter status ^^'.
As I'm searching for new fun beatmaps, what's your favorite among your own and among all o: ?
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