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Pokemon X & Y thread - Age of the PokéBank

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there's easier ways to catch shinies now but i'm just really entertained with playing with yveltal in pokemon amie for some reason.
I still don't feel the jump in shiny encounter rate >.>
i caught a random shiney zubat while i was on my way to the daycare center
I'm so bad at my completing my pokedex lol.

463 or w/e. Anyone want to take the time to trade 200+ pokes and back.
somewhat unrelated to the discussion at hand, but I got a kick out of this :

Trash Boat
lol but what about Feebas?

Trash Boat wrote:

lol but what about Feebas?
Is Feebas's shiny form solid gold?

Didn't think so
Tell 'em, myrmelo my brothaa
milotic has a golden tail
Yeah that informtative picture reminded me of Vsauce3's video about how a Magikarp would own you.

Rorona wrote:

I'm pretty sure it'd be shiny locked
what do you mean by that , does it mean u cant get it in its shiny form ?
So I was doing my usual dailies on my Y. When I go to a Pokémon Center, I thought my game froze. Suddenly, birthday stuffs (yes, today's my birthday as of this post and according to my timezone)!

Also, I figured out how you get the birthday Puffs: you get them when you switch to the Amie screen and (I guess) put a Puff down. When the visiting Pokémon are done talking/eating, they leave behind a gift that contains said birthday Puff. I managed to get three of them this way <3
^Happy birthday!
I don't use Poke Amie much, because imo it's a waste of time. Even though it's a waste of time, it's amusing to see Legendary Pokemon in there. I usually get my Poke Puffs by playing the mini games with my Pokemon.

SoG Tava wrote:

Rorona wrote:

I'm pretty sure it'd be shiny locked
what do you mean by that , does it mean u cant get it in its shiny form ?
Yes, and we could only get it through hacking or event release.
Trash Boat
happy birthday Blazevoir! i made a birthday thread for you. here
Topic Starter
and you decided to post that here because?
If anyone has a 4/5 IV female Lucario and/or a 4/5 IV Skarmory, I'd be grateful. I've made a list of stuff I can offer. Right now the list is mostly from memory so I'll fix it up later with more details.

I really need Stealth Rock and Brave Bird on the Skarmory.
Dunno if anyone cares but I was casually playing through Soul Silver and got a shiny togepi from Mr. Pokemon. I didn't know it was a shiny until a couple hours later, when I used it in battle and saw the sparkle. I named it after my favourite anime, but I probably wouldn't have done this if I knew it was shiny.

People and there shiny lucks! I haven't got anything after 300 hours of gameplay...
Oh and are 6 IV Dittos still hard to get?
I don't think 6V dittos can be legitely obtained. The ones I got were from 4chan/some japanese streamer and my friend cloned them enough for every of my friends to get one. Your best bet is probably to ask somewhere in 4chan's /vp/.
El Koko
does anyone have a Prankster Murkrow caught in a completely normal Pokéball? I don't even care about nature or ivs I just want the HA and normal pokéball.

why did they allow ball inheritance? this sucks...

edit: nevermind don't need it anymore. i have some 5iv pinsir + ha + qa, if anyone wants, they're free
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