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Pokemon X & Y thread - Age of the PokéBank

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Um...if anyone has a Zangoose with the hidden ability, I'll trade for it.

I was thinking that if you use the hidden ability along with toxic orb/facade, lots of damage.

mathexpert wrote:

Blazevoir wrote:

That was confirmed last page... lol.
well, there's actually some evidence that it might not stack. Ingame, it says "A shiny charm said to increase the chance of finding a Shiny Pokémon in the wild" – Pokemon that are bred are not wild. This is a new description of the shiny charm, and therefore the one in 1024 percent chance may only apply for last gen.
That's because for some reason English translation for the game added "in the wild" out of damn nowhere. Japanese text for Shiny Charm is EXACTLY the same as it was in gen5 games.

posting pic when I find one

there we go

If you need the text from above: 持っていると ひかる ポケモンと 出会いやすくなる といわれる 不思議で ひかりかがやく おまもり。
i think they're going to be releasing them with some patch. but a wi-fi distribution also seems likely.

they were already found in the game's code, so there might be some code preventing us from actually finding it within the game or triggering a special event that allows it to appear.

i wonder how they're going to release the other two legendaries that were revealed along with diancie.

Serebii wrote:

Pokémon X & Y - Diancie

Diancie has been officially revealed for North America. Within this reveal, it was confirmed that it will be within the new movie and that its distribution method will be revealed at a later point. It also states that it was a sudden transformation of the Pokémon Carbink, and that its body is said to be the loveliest sight in the world. Groups of Carbink tend to gather around Diancie, but Diancie pays them little heed and acts only according to its own will.
They also inadvertently revealed the shiny form of Diancie on the official site, where it has darker rocks and a pink body.

So does this imply Diancie actually won't be shiny locked? (It'd be the first time a hidden legendary isn't locked since Shaymin.) Or it's at least a Genesect type deal where a shiny distribution is done.
I hope it's not Nature / IV locked.
Yeah... like Celebi >_> (Anyone have a Modest one, btw?)
I'm pretty sure it'd be shiny locked, otherwise the game would be flooded with shiny versions of it.

if it were to be shiny, it'd probably be given away in an event shiny.
I have every single shiny pokemon.
soft reset and action replay
there's easier ways to catch shinies now but i'm just really entertained with playing with yveltal in pokemon amie for some reason.
I still don't feel the jump in shiny encounter rate >.>
i caught a random shiney zubat while i was on my way to the daycare center
I'm so bad at my completing my pokedex lol.

463 or w/e. Anyone want to take the time to trade 200+ pokes and back.
somewhat unrelated to the discussion at hand, but I got a kick out of this :

Trash Boat
lol but what about Feebas?

Trash Boat wrote:

lol but what about Feebas?
Is Feebas's shiny form solid gold?

Didn't think so
Tell 'em, myrmelo my brothaa
milotic has a golden tail
Yeah that informtative picture reminded me of Vsauce3's video about how a Magikarp would own you.

Rorona wrote:

I'm pretty sure it'd be shiny locked
what do you mean by that , does it mean u cant get it in its shiny form ?
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