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Hello, sorry if i can't explain correctly, i'm not an english native speaker ^^"

> Problem Details:

I tried the flame option too see what is it, and then i see there's a new update, so i did it.
Then, i want to desactivate it, but i can't find the option, i ask to my friends who also play at osu to help me, but they have the same problem too

What can I do ?

Video or screenshot showing the problem:


osu! version: 20130918.3 (latest)
it is gone. Anyway, you may try disabling it by editing osu!.<your Windows login>.cfg file: there's an option named ComboFire, set it to zero:
ComboFire = 0
ok thank you

how can i edit ? it's these two ? http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?i ... titre1.png
osu!.<your pc name>.cfg so it's the second
The settings of the Combo Fire inside the configuration should be ignored so this problem won't happen anymore.
More people might ask like this again. ._.
... and how can i edit this file ? x)
Open it using notepad.

You can easily find it by finding it by going to Edit > Find ( or just press Ctrl + F ) and search for the text ComboFire.
It should have a value of 1 so you need to change it to 0 in order to disable it.

For the last step, just save it by going to File > Save ( or just press Ctrl + S )

Note: Remember to close osu! first. It might overwrite your other settings.
it works ! Thank you :)
Derp, i have the opposite.
I have combofire at my main computer but could not activate it on a laptop, but thanks to this i found where i can^^
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