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Problem Details:

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

Notes are snapped correctly iin editor:


Notes are offsnapped in play-mode:


Bug is related to offset changes/bpm changes of small value. The white lines are not readjusted within gamemode and are still following the old bpm/offset, while the notes are snapped on new offset/bpm.
BPM/offset changes bigger than 1/4 (blue tick) of the original bpm/offset seem to work.

Affected beatmaps: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/319885

osu! version: 20130918.3 (latest)
It seemed like the notes were snapped not on time when testing. This is weird imo. >_<
Well im confirming this. This has been an error since the beginning of mania, if you change the BPM the notes to the barline will end messed up. This was usually an issue when people tried to make speed change effects and the response was just to use sv change timing sections for that, it kind of "fixed" it but the issue still remains for songs that have bpm changes itself :?

here is the file : http://puu.sh/4uWXc.osz

and http://osu.ppy.sh/b/101008 this and some songs are have same issue.
Err well unconfirming this. I just mapped a song with multiple BPM sections and the barline seemed just fine to me. I think this is a different case in the thread
Is this just a visual glitch, or are the notes actually unsnapped? It seems to be the former.
I gonna explain this video.

file : http://puu.sh/4v4cf

here is the bpm 72 (because speed changing effect)


upper parts are unsnapped.

so I changed bpm to same value

http://puu.sh/4vyuK.png so notes are placed at correct line.

but if I test playing, "so I changed bpm to same value " is don't adjusted.

Confirming, adjusted OP.
Evidence: Just check this beatmap https://osu.ppy.sh/b/319885
To fix this bug, i have to change some core code in drop calculation which cause performance drop. I'm consider whether it's worth to do so since this is the only case.
etoo... how about this?


in Mania editor...
each time i scrolled, the divisor line changed... this is too much for visual distortion i guess :(
it's the problem that i think related to speed (green timing points) above or below 1.0, (i hate for that thing)
umm yes, passing green line of timing point also change divisor line,
but even within the green line ( not scrolled for next green line ) theres still divisor line changing,
its totally out of snapped place, THUS makes it hard to see which line the notes really are....

but the current yellow line is correct , regardless of divisor line... really awkward visual i think
I fixed that beatmap using green lines

but it appears at suffle heaven? and some converted beatmaps xp

Anyone to check this? I don't know what was wrong, seems to be fixed as I look.

Edit: Thanks 17VA for confirming, resolved.
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