Touyama Nao - Hitomi Kara Snow

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Currently updating beatmap...
...and stuck in propagating updates -_-
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please Comment and critic

YamatoAkira wrote:

please Comment and critic Mod You mean ;)
First you need to fix your timing point:

Also, I suggest you change your audio to soft instead, so it matches the mood of the music more.And lower the volume, to the % as shown above ^^

Apply this to all your diffs

Good luck~
such a relaxing song ~

metadata uda bagus
untuk timing sama kaya di atas cuman offset kalo menurut saya pas nya di 00:02:244
pake 1/4 beat snap divisor
pake distance snap untuk easy sama normal
preview point di 00:53:244

CS:2 HP:2 AR:3 OD:2
CS:3 HP:3 AR:5 OD:4
CS:2 HP:5 AR:6 OD:5
CS:2 HP:6 AR:8 OD:6

mungkin ini dulu aja kali ya.
emang harus di remap semua itu diff nya

good luck de :)
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OK,i will update soon when i get more data quota
Artist name is different.. Its "Touyama Nao" not "Taoyama Nao" <.<
sorry if Shinko-'s difff is too ugly :cry:
its my first map
It would be nice if had a video version of this beatmap like the ending video of season 3 episode 8 twgok.
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Revived and updated
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GodxSlayer wrote:

It would be nice if had a video version of this beatmap like the ending video of season 3 episode 8 twgok.
I have the video but with big watermark on it,so i dont add it
From my queue!

00:00:655 (1,2,3,4,5) - Two problems. Spacing is inconsistent and you shouldn't start easy diffs with lots of circles. These are also before the first timing point which is unrankable. Timing point must be on the first or before the first note.

Which brings me to the big problem. The timing is all completely off.

00:02:997 at 80bpm should be good for the entire map. It might not be perfect.

You'll have to remap the entire mapset. You have lots of circles/sliders on blue ticks when it should be white/red if the timing was right. So once the timing is right you'll have to adjust everything accordingly of which will change the entire mapset to the point you pretty much remapped it.

When you remap, don't focus on just the vocals. Focus on every peice of the instrumentation as well, especially the piano, and the drum at strong points. Even for easy/normal diffs.

And don't overmap. You can make a challenging diff without overmapping. Examples of overmapping:
00:06:050 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,1) - on shinko diff
00:20:950 (6) - Sliders like these are unrankable unless a BAT approves it. Of which is rare.
00:28:500 (1,2) - Doesn't fit music at all.
00:56:650 (3) - unreadable

Study maps that are currently ranked. Take a look at patterns as well. Blanket more often. Take a look at ztrot's maps. I like using them as examples since the patterns flow fairly well, look awesome, and are simple.

Overall, You'll have to start from scratch. Sorry :(
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