midorijeon - kizu/na

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 3:57:58 PM

Artist: midorijeon
Title: kizu/na
Tags: Lo-fi Lofi Instrumental kizuna 菊千代 壬生 Kikuchiyo Mibu ドーナドーナ いっしょにわるいことをしよう doHna:doHna -Issho ni Warui Koto o Shiyou- Let's Do Bad Things Together midorijeon
BPM: 90
Filesize: 5903kb
Play Time: 01:49
Difficulties Available:
  1. ha/rd (3.18 stars, 288 notes)
  2. nor/mal (1.91 stars, 145 notes)
  3. time/less (4.82 stars, 365 notes)

Download: midorijeon - kizu/na
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

though the centuries may pass and times may change, i will never forget the promise we made through the scars we both shared long ago

✦|I✧ About ✧I|✦

Artist | Steam | Youtube | Spotify

"I was playing this game called "Dohna Dohna" and came across a CG (the background of this map) which I really liked--especially because I thought Mibu was pretty cute. Out of nowhere, I had the motivation to make a song, so I used the vibe of the CG to make a rainy-day themed chill lofi track which I then built a separate story for.

The title is a portmanteau of "kizu (scar)" and "na (bond)". On the original mapset, The forward slash was for the sake of a cool diffname gimmick. The topdiff name, "our promise/from (insert current star rating here) years ago" is based on the red wall of text above this box, which is based on an improvised mini-story I wrote in my head about two lovers separated by time.

So in short I made this because I was down bad for a 2D girl, bored, and felt like I wanted to make music."

✦|I✧ Mapset ✧I|✦

Song by midorijeon
Storyboard by VenerableNyanta

time/less by Me
ha/rd by Me
norm/al by Me

✦|I✧ Special Thanks ✧I|✦

1st BN - Esutarosa
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