fripSide - precious time (Short Ver.)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2022 m. birželio 2 d. at 20:10:34

Artist: fripSide
Title: precious time (Short Ver.)
Source: 花咲ワークスプリング!
Tags: Hanasaki Work Spring! saga planets eroge ending ed galgame video game syph shirahane suou aeril -atri- kurantemelodii krt firis mistlud saturnalize 南條愛乃 nanjou yoshino m@o 八木沼悟志 Satoshi Yaginuma Kai Kawasaki japanese jpop j-pop pop
BPM: 128
Filesize: 24131kb
Play Time: 01:57
Difficulties Available:
  1. Advanced (2,63 stars, 241 notes)
  2. Aeril's Extra (5,54 stars, 572 notes)
  3. Atri's Expert (5,21 stars, 502 notes)
  4. Easy (1,51 stars, 123 notes)
  5. Hard (3,29 stars, 357 notes)
  6. Light Insane (3,88 stars, 480 notes)
  7. Memories of you will eternally be embedded in my Heart~ (6,31 stars, 647 notes)
  8. Normal (1,89 stars, 229 notes)
  9. Syph's Another (4,63 stars, 502 notes)
  10. Suou's Insane (4,15 stars, 451 notes)

Download: fripSide - precious time (Short Ver.)
Download: fripSide - precious time (Short Ver.) (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Time spent with you becomes precious memories locked in my Heart~

I really love Saga Planets visual novel company~, since OP of Hanasaki Work Spring has been mapped lots, I decided to map an ED instead~

A huge thank you to 5teven & KaedeharaKazuha & defreeyay for helping with background re-sizing & editting! As well as LolForest & REMOL Eks Di for editting video and making it SFW to use <3 thank you~ :)
Huge thank you to Saturnalize for helping me with base Hitsounding & finding samples <3
All girls are very very cute.. but Inori & Hikari are too adorableee ><

- jonathanlfj -Syncro thank you guys for such amazing mods, and showing interest in nominating my mapset! Thank you very much :)

- Affirmation Chizu-Kun Garden caps Zekk Respirte thank you guys so much for modding my map, it really means a lot to me, thank you~ !

- LolForest REMOL Eks Di thank you for such amazing video edit guys, making it rankable wooo!

- 5teven Zerephiehell KaedeharaKazuha thank you guys for taking the time and editing the images and making it into osu-size friendly, as well as making it sfw <3
A few more backgrounds I really wanted to use, but didn't in the end ;; apparently 10 backgrounds wasn't enough zzz

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