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z0z wrote:

pros: depends on friends
cons: depends on friends
Where's the next word :(
Pros: I get to continue this thread
cons: I have to comment on a question rather than a topic.

4th Wall Breaks in stories
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Nice one :D

Pros: can be very funny
Cons: can break immersion if done badly

Old people
Pros: Some very nice old people
Cons: Some very bad and angry old people

The possibility of multiverses
pros: actually very cool to think that almost everything out there is technically possible
cons: you will never be able to get into one or even to see one

having a social life
pros: humans are social animals, you get a lot of benefits
cons: hell for those who are not good at being social and introverts
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Pros: I can say what I want

Social media
Pros: Allows you to stay more easily connected with other people
Cons: People interact more negatively towards each other than they do in person

People remembering to post a topic
Pros: A post is made.
Cons: The post is either the first of a long line of relatively similar topics, or it's just a copy of an existing thread. Furthermore, it is subject to necros and can thus be locked if deemed dead.

Pros: You learn new things, get to socialize, make friends and develop important lifeskills, on top of working towards a degree.

Cons: Debt. Many useless things you have to learn on top of a lot of stress sometimes.

My return to FG
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Pros: who?
cons: didn't actually stay

The passing of time
Pros: progression
Cons: has its end

Pros: can produce interesting ideas
Cons: philosophers sometimes have an annoying personality

Never Gonna Give You Up
pros: trust & determination. also, funny song.
cons: when reframed, can imply codependency. also, rickrolled.

- - -

xenharmonic music
pros: it's unique and sounds really cool when done right
cons: you have to really know what you're doing to make it good

next: Mongolian throat singing
Pros: so beautiful that it could easily fill a concert hall
Cons: many people find it unpleasant to hear ngl

Next: This Topic
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Pros: good game that requires a bit of thinking, OP is actually a really cool dude
Cons: sometimes it kinda dies for a bit

Competitive games
Pros: A place where you can grow your gaming skills and meet new people that could form into lifelong friendships
Cons: A place that could turn you into the most toxic person in the world and ultimately end up destroying your social life

The fact that we will never know the purpose of our existence
pros: you would have no pre-existing grand purpose to be shackling to, and you are therefore free to create your own if you wish to, and you might find that this enriches your experience of life if contrasting something that may have otherwise suffocated you.

cons: you'll probably find yourself grappling with nihilism or absurdism for a while, and apathy is common-- potentially inducing harmful or neglectful behavior to oneself and others.

- - -

game development
Pros: Chance to get picked up by a big company, making millions in the process.

Cons: Coding.

The Wheel.
Pros: You can steer the wheel in whichever direction you'd like.
Cons: You really can't drive, unless they give you the gas and breaks too.

Becoming a character from one of TUYU's MVs.
Pros: You get famous
Cons: You get sniped from being famous

Being human
Pros: You're a human, and top of the animals.

Cons: Some animals can still outclass you, and while you can beat them with specific equipment, if you don't have it, you're gonna have a hard time.

Being an amogus.
Pros: be a meme that will forever change history, hang around with other amogus, amogus
Cons: you realize that your existence is slowly fading, become nothing but a relic of the past... sus
Pros: It's cheap food, and can be eaten in many different ways
Cons: It's really just bread. There is other food to eat.

being a fan of TUYU
Pros: Can listen to nice songs
Cons: Too poor to buy any TUYU's song without an add

a Cat
Pros: funny cat videos
Cons: Be sure to have some bandages on you

Pros: You're cool, easy to draw, and often used for animation.
Cons: Some people can see you as being too simple.

Becoming osu! top player overnight.
Pros: free supporter and good reputation
Cons: some people may send you cringe direct message everytime

Being a goat
Pros: Really cool horns
Cons: Poop everywhere ;)
Didn't post a topic, so I'll go with goat.
Pros: Eat grass and chill
Cons: Icon of satanic ideologies

Being a farmer
Pros: Able to enjoy the nice green field and worry free from the busy streets.
Cons: Dealing with animals a lot and tiring.


Being a top student.
Pros: Your grades are exceptional, and the teachers might like you for it.
Cons: Everyone expects highly of you, your parents might want you to push even further, and you might not even end up at a good job in the future.

having an umbrella.
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Pros: You're protected from the rain
Cons: Not very effective and might break with wind

Pros: Very expensive
Cons: Very expensive

The current state of real estate.
Pros: Spacious.
Cons: Need money to build.
Free pizza.
Pros: It's free stuff! (free pizza to be more specific)
Pizza tastes EPIC!
Cons: It can be pineapple pizza... and what if you don't like pizza at all...

A drawing tablet.
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Pros: You can draw, or play osu! (mostly play osu!)
Cons: You have to know how to draw (unless you just play osu!)

The world
Pros: you live in it
Cons: It might probably explode someday

Refried beans
Pros: Popular food I guess.
Cons: High in calories, saturated fat, and sodium.
Drink plain water daily.
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