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Currently the ranking criteria has the following rule:

  1. If the song mapped is a licensed one in the Featured Artist library, featured artist must be added to tags.

I feel that this leaves ambiguous the range of songs that are alternative versions of songs licensed in the FA listing.

Examples include:
If you're gonna jump (Rouon Aro cover)
19zz (GRYSCL remix)

I propose addition of the following clause:
Alternative versions of a licensed songs ARE/ARE NOT to use the featured artist tag.

If we do in fact decide to allow alternative versions of a song, more standardization will also be needed:
how much can a song be altered? (cover vs remix)
what should the artist be credited as?
which sentences are ambiguous?

remix or standard that the song made under the remixer, the original song under the original artist is no longer. For example, most songs are remixed to use for under rhythm games, they are now credited to the rhythm games. This also included unofficial remixes that made MAY not related to the artist's permission. However, using the "featured artist" tag under remix that is not listed in the featured artist library is spreading way too more to others.
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remixes are understandable, but what about covers?

At one point while discussing this with some others the korean version of Cross Soul came up, which isn't on the featured artist listing for HyuN but is nearly identical to the version that is.

I'm probably hyperbolizing the scale of ambiguity, but I feel like just a bit more clarity couldn't hurt
imo covers should not have featured artist tags as the cover may be done by someone who is *not* a featured artist so it doesn’t make sense
Honestly I think the wording explains it fine right now, why should alternative versions have the FA tags if they aren't from an FA? In most cases the songs aren't licensed to osu! so yea /shrug
It wouldn't be right to allow remixes as alternative versions as they aren't fully owned by the original artist or the remixer.

Basically, if clarification were to be added, it should say "Alternative versions of a licensed songs ARE NOT to use the featured artist tag."
please see community/forums/topics/1293405 which covered similar topics

generally, featured artist tags are to be required when they're required, but otherwise not restricted (outside of when it's irrelevant to the song ofc, which is already a seperate point in rc). the website featured artist label will help distinguish anything else.
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