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yes I post again, with an epic hitsound pack

With this pack I'm sure that finding suitable custom hitsound files for your maps would be no longer a tough task. (what's more important, all 528 .wav files have been carefully sorted.)

edited the OP
I need more Bass sound please (hit-sound-taiko)
I've been making hitsounds!

Long, pitch-descending crash cymbal on top of a normal-hitfinish
Flangey, panned vibraslap

Pitched chimey sounds, made by adding a pogo effect and delay to FL Studio's stock percussive triangle.

In C
In Bb
In A
In G

These were all made to fit my song, so they may not be as useful for others. Still, I'm sure that they'd fit in other contexts.
Changing to standard since this is being linked in "List of useful guides for mappers/modders"
I've just begun making BMs and really want to know how to set custom sample sound( the sound when people hit the circle, drag along the slider, etc.) and THX to anyone who help me ~
why you delete this

Gens wrote:

Bass Dry: - Filed as: Clap?
Chinese Cymbal Crash: - Filed as: Finish.
Clap1 - (Reverb added (?)) - Filed as: Clap
Clap2 - (Like a snap (?)) Filed as: Clap
Clap3 - (Lower Pitch, reverb added (?)) Filed as: Clap

I might get around to do a pack of all my drum sounds. :)
How did i put it on my library?
Dead thread but still helped me a lot, so I'll revive it and contribute also.

Here's my Custom sampleset >

Usefull informations in Readme.txt

Content : 

Samplesets :

Normal (auto) :

normal-hitnormal => Snare.................. (S) = normal-slidertick
normal-hitwhistle => Closed High Hat....... (xH)
normal-hitfinish => Crash Cymbal........... (CC)
normal-hitclap => Bass Drum................ (BD)

Soft :

soft-hitnormal => NO SOUND
soft-hitwhistle => High Mid Tom............ (HMT)
soft-hitfinish => Low Floor Tom............ (LT)
soft-hitclap => High Floor Tom............. (FT)

Drum :

drum-hitnormal => Low Mid Tom.............. (LMT)
drum-hitwhistle => Open High Hat........... (oH)
drum-hitfinish => Ride Cymbal.............. (RC)
drum-hitclap => Bass Drum.................. (BD)
This library is awesome ♡
Shikibe Mayu
copied the first post from since the first post is deleted
please upload your hitsounds to upppy and then post the link and a short description in the thread. I will edit all links into this post under the correct headings

DESCRIPTION FORMAT: (link) - (description) (Normal/Soft) (hitsound type)

Normal Sampleset:

Hitnormals: - really loud normal hit

Claps: - bass dry - Reverb added - Like a snap - Lower Pitch, reverb added - synthetic drum - techno beat

Whistles: - sleigh bells - synthetic falling pitch

Finishes: - booming cymbal crash - Chinese cymbal clap - sharp cymbal crash


Sliderwhistles: - noise

Sliderticks: - little bell

Soft Sampleset:


Claps: - air-dart sound - hollow echoclap

Whistles: - cowbell - bells

Finishes: - drawn out finish - drawn out soft thud



Sliderticks: - soft bell


Special/Other Hitsounds: - explosion - gunshot/explosion - techno hit - isolated techno note



Packed Sets of Hitsounds:
Ouendan1 authentic pack:
EBA authentic pack:
Ouendan2 authentic pack: - claps - cymbols1 - cymbols2 - cymbols3 - drum1 - drum2 - drum3 - drum4 - Hihat - Snare - MIDI Percussion wav pack - Drums wav pack (There are some unlabeled sounds) - LKs Hitsound Pack - LKs Ultimate Hitsound Pack

Silence: - silence ;o

Saturos-fangirl wrote:

This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

vahn10 wrote:

copied the first post from since the first post is deleted
bless you
drum drum
i restored the first post, thanks
Glad someone made a backup of this otherwise.... :(
king eugene
Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew the hitsound for the little clicking sound in "HELIX".
Go to the youtube link and skip to 11 seconds and thats where the sound first appears. I really want that sound so plz help me! thank you!
1.) Thanks for bumping this thread. I like this thread ^_^
2.) The reason for bumping however is mot that good, as this subforum is for mapping related questions
3.) Ask NerO via YT (via comments)
4.) Go to the map, and open the map's folder. Then listen to all sounds and see which one it is.
5.) If that doesn't work I can likely find it for you, if you are referrering to the loud sound (I strangely enough see as a droplet (idk why)) I know where to find it ^_^
king eugene
nvm. i found where to find it!
I am not that familiar with custom hitsounds (and upppy). How do you get those hitsounds?
Thanks, these are useful for my maps in mania :P
I love how this post is so old everyone still uses it
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