sasakure.UK - Decadence feat. mami

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Friday, June 24, 2022 at 1:38:21 PM

Artist: sasakure.UK
Title: Decadence feat. mami
Tags: japanese rock 有形ランペイジ ukrampage 佐々木秀尚 sasaki hidehisa heroine some hero kowari
BPM: 240
Filesize: 7515kb
Play Time: 02:52
Difficulties Available:
  1. Heroine's Hard (3.69 stars, 446 notes)
  2. Kowari's Insane (5.48 stars, 602 notes)
  3. Normal (2.74 stars, 374 notes)
  4. Vanquish (6.7 stars, 736 notes)

Download: sasakure.UK - Decadence feat. mami
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
background image

hard by heroine
insane by kowari

thank you for listening to my ted talk
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