Yayoi Kize - Dangerous Smile Precure

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Montag, 27. Juni 2022 at 20:40:19

Artist: Yayoi Kize
Title: Dangerous Smile Precure
Source: NicoNicoDouga
Tags: niconicodouga, smileprecure, ytpmv, meme, anime, yellow, funny, lol
BPM: 141,25
Filesize: 5533kb
Play Time: 01:16
Difficulties Available:
  1. Advanced (3,15 stars, 202 notes)
  2. Beginner (1,39 stars, 29 notes)
  3. Dangerous Smile! (5,54 stars, 411 notes)
  4. Easy (1,73 stars, 72 notes)
  5. Extra (5,4 stars, 379 notes)
  6. Hard (3,49 stars, 263 notes)
  7. Normal (2,19 stars, 127 notes)
  8. Yankee's Insane (4,66 stars, 411 notes)

Download: Yayoi Kize - Dangerous Smile Precure
Download: Yayoi Kize - Dangerous Smile Precure (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
200 plays! O_O
I think I need some help from the other people, because I am (still) dumb. :I (hopefully I'll be better than ever at mapmaking and maybe finally be able to make a ranked map, but that's gonna take a w h i l e..xP)
But hey I'll try my best every now and then...

YankeeWithNoHat (Critic and made an insane diff. too)
kimhwina (I took his BPM..)

MrMcMikey22-Dangerous Smile!

Updates List (Release Version I guess..xP):
1.0) Dangerous Smile!-Done!
1.1.1) More hitsounds update! (Beginner-Advanced)
1.1.2) More hitsounds update! (Hard-Dangerous Smile!)
1.2) Dangerous Smile! update! (discussion page)
1.2.1) Advanced and Insane update! (discussion page)
1.2.2) Beginner-Normal update! (discussion page)
1.3) Hard nerfed!
1.4) Advanced update! (odd cirle size nerf)
1.4.1) Normal update! (updated a bit like Advanced [1.4]..) Normal hitsound update!
1.5) Timing checked and updated at some occasions!
1.6) Updated Hard difficulty!
1.7) Added a circle in Dangerous Smile! (But where..? That is a great question!)
1.8) I think I changed something, but I can't remember what I've actually changed..
1.9) Hitsound Update! (I only updated Hard for now..)
2) My boi Yankee doing an insane diff. for me and oh god this looks like a good currently ranked map WTF!?!? xD
2.1.1) I am about to change a signicicant portion of the hard difficulty.. (And probably bit more difficult who knows?)
2.1.2) Changed hard diff. bit more, still incomplete update tho... changed one distance thingy in hard idk xP
2.1.3) Well actually most of it is just adjusting the distance to be longer in some sections or something...(also the difficulty decreasing despite of this..wut!? O_O Like it want down from 3,64* to 3,59* lol!)
2.1.5) Major Hard Difficulty Update! (lots of stuff changed, except sounds...(3,59*-3,66*) Nerfed the beginning of my insane difficulty a bit....... Nerfed it again...(Distance Snap Adjustment..)
2.2.2)I nerfed Insane diff. a bit I guess..(5,18*-5,11*)
2.3.1) I sorta buffed the top diff. a bit..(5,99*-6*)
2.3.2) Buffed it again..
2.4) Changed ending at Normal!
2.5) I changed made the circle size bigger on Advanced AND Hard!
2.6) One wrongly distance snap thingy 00:24:055 fixed in Easy diff.
2.6.1) Fixed Easy!(distance snap) (very ez!)
2.7) Removed the "whyamiwatchingthissomanytimesonyoutube" tag! (oof)
2.8) Changed/buffed the beginner difficulty a bit..
2.9.1) Nerfed the OD from Advanced from 6 to 5,3, but idkman...
2.9.2) Ehhhhhh...The OD from Normal 4,5 -> 4.. Advanced 5,3 -> 5
2.10) Normal got updated and a bit nerfed.. (2.25*-2.18*)
2.11.1) I'm updating Advanced difficulty so that it'll be distance snapped just like the Hard difficulty (See Update 2.1.5) Only finished a quarter of this change, could take a while for me to finish this..
2.11.2) Almost half of the recent Advenced Update DONE!
2.11.3) (Advanced) Start to the highlight of this beatmap [no, not the pie section..the man trying to turn into a magical chad part! B)] done, but still something left to update! ^-^
2.11.4) DONE! The ADVANCED UPDATE HAS BEEN UPDATED! It has faced a lot of changes, but most importantly got a big buff! :O (3,01*-3,32*)
2.11.5) Updated the Insane difficulty a teenie tiny bit...
3) Insane is now Extra! Because Yankee already made one for me! (See Update 2) So yeah I buffed the circle size from 4 -> 5 and made slighttttttt adjustments I guess (I somehow couldn't remember the rest of it...)
3.1) HP Drain: (Normal) 4 -> 3, (Easy) 2.5 -> 2, (Beginner) 2 -> 1
3.2.1) Updated Extra to make it even harder!!! >:) [ OH GOD NOT FINSHED YET! I'm so sorry :( ] BUt from 5,27* to 5,35* already!? Holy! I have to make sure to NOT cross that top diff. star calculation! O_O
3.2.2) Updated Extra a bit! But holy idk if it's gonna be harder than the top diff. (It's 5,41* already..Oh god I have a feeling it can barely get a lower star rate than the Dangerous Smile! diff.)
3.2.3) So I updated Extra again! But not finished the Extra Update yet!
3.2.4) Extra has finally been updated to actually look like an Extra difficulty! I guess.. It's now 5.55* perfect! :D
3.2.5) Oops! I have found some bits of errors in Extra! and that's why I updated it again xP [Sorry guys...] (5.55*-5.53*)
3.3.1) OD and HP got buffed in the Dangerous Smile! difficulty! (OD: 8.4 -> 8.5 ; HP: 5 -> 6) And I nerfed the HP drain from the rather lower diffs. Hard: (HP: 5 -> 4.5) And....uhhh...I forgor lol!
3.3.2) Extra got OD buff from (7.5 - 8.2) [idk if that's too much tho..]
3.4) Dangerous Smile! difficulty got buffed!

More beatmap info here (me: blablablblbalbalblablaabaing xD):

Dangerous Smile! difficulty s DONE!! However I think I should add more hitsounds at the next update, so stay tuned for the next update guys! ^_^

Also the Dangerous Smile difficulty is at 6*? WTF xD

Okay! I updated the Dangerous Smile difficulty a bit!
I updated the hitsounds on all difficulties!
Guys! Now every diff. has been updated! (The hard difficulty very recently got a nerf at the ending, because I find the ending somewhat too tricky to play to!)

The advanced difficulty got an odd but nerfed circle size and yeah it got some noticeable changes!(most notably the notes being (somewhat) more off to center..)

ALSO OMG! I noticed something terrible!!! The offset of the beats can't quite match it from this song, because I previously I mapped these earlier diffs with the bpm being 0,05 lower I guess..Oh NOO!!!

I'm checking the timing of all diffs. and imma maybe update some of the diffs aswell...BTW I updated the normal diff., including the timing errors that I made in the editor...

Also I learned how to do this:

I updated/checked the timing...

I secretly updated hitsounds of Dangerous Smile a tiny bit!


I updated the hard diff. but I can't play/map osu! for much becuz school! (I have to finish an essay in like 5 days..and the math test tommorow although I can just recognize it in just some minutes, becuz I thankfully am kinda smart at Maths...BUT then the other essay..I have to memorize a lot of junk information.....uii...Although my parents won't get that upset when I fail this..I have to REDO this subject for a test coming at August/September for the WHOLE semester, whilst also bringing back the old testimonnial just to complete the ninth grade. (At technical college or something like that [HTL]))


Hard gets somehow easier says the star calculation, although I literally made some distances longer...weird..AND NVM IT'S LONGER THE CASE..

So I saw some inconsistent distances at the beginning of my insane diff..I mean..almost..almost at the beginning of this diff.
I asked Yankee out which circle size I should use for the hard diff. and it's 4, but I wanna lower the circle size on advanced cuz yeah...makes advanced still gets an odd number but nerfed...and hard=4..yeah! Thank u Yankee! owo
WHOOPS CIRCLE SIZE MALFUNCTION IN ADVANCED, well I already fixed it, no worries size 375..xD
(also WHY is it easier than normal!?!? huhh!?? oh shoot.. ._. OH NVM!! LOL again xD)
removed the whyamiwatchingthissomanytimesonyoutubexD becuz that should not fit into ranked category AND i have watched other niconicodouga stuff now..

Update 2.11) ADVANCED UPDATE: Only finished a quarter of this change, could take a while, because oh boy using distance snap for the whole time without making distance higher or lower+weird sliders+probably low slider velocity makes it 10x harder I swear xD, but IMMA TRY!! :D
I DID IT! (but at wut cost?) I don't know if the diff. spike in the end is too hard and unfair, but if that's the case then I should lower this one just a bit ^_^ (drags the line from 1/4 to 1/8 very gently xP)

ôêâîû I stumbled upon doing these things "âêîôû" all of a sudden O_O Also Insane is now Extra!

I am about to make that Extra diff. even spicier! O_O

OK 5,41* stars on Extra ok that'll absolutely fit in..

AND I'M done! :D Yeah Extra difficulty has been updated! ôwô
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