ReoNa - Believer (Game Ver.)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2022年5月17日 at 0:01:46

Artist: ReoNa
Title: Believer (Game Ver.)
Source: 月姫 -A piece of blue glass moon-
Tags: tsukihime Arcueid Brunestud アルクェイド・ブリュンスタッド Neco-Arc ネコアルク Ciel シエル theme song original soundtrack ost ending remake japanese jrock j-rock rock video game videogame visual novel VN type moon type-moon kegani 毛蟹 Segula -__-_ Hakku FinnaDie
BPM: 193
Filesize: 4276kb
Play Time: 01:45
Difficulties Available:
  1. -__-_'s Insane (4.76 stars, 400 notes)
  2. FinnaDie's Normal (2.37 stars, 240 notes)
  3. Hakku's Hard (3.4 stars, 301 notes)
  4. Hope (5.59 stars, 430 notes)

Download: ReoNa - Believer (Game Ver.)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
reona is my mom 👶

from here

andrea / yogurtt
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