Lamp - Last Train At 25 O'clock

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 19 Mei 2022 at 21:19:56

Artist: Lamp
Title: Last Train At 25 O'clock
Tags: MBRD-5 Saishuu Ressha wa 25ji 25 ji For Lovers Koibito e he 恋人へ Botanical House 2004 Motel Bleu 染谷大陽 Taiyou Taiyo Someya lamp_someya lampjapan 榊原香保里 Kaori Sakakibara 永井祐介 Yusuke Nagai anime girl anime_girl jungkyuyoung natsume shiki natsume_shiki scub domino [keqing] 8972308 fanzhen0019 macuilxochitl selcyc 418699 ralkinson epiccory 10646707 CookEazy frostwich synderes bakabaka answer bakabaka_answer 5129592 ponbot ICantOsuX3 -_Pon_- pon 8939857 bossa nova lounge shibuya kei jazz pop japanese j-pop jpop band vocal male female utitoyo
BPM: 125,5
Filesize: 7792kb
Play Time: 04:16
Difficulties Available:
  1. fanzhen's Insane (4,23 stars, 801 notes)
  2. Panorama (5,11 stars, 888 notes)
  3. ponbot's Insane (4,32 stars, 1024 notes)
  4. zhuxiaoyalkinson's Hard (3,25 stars, 742 notes)

Download: Lamp - Last Train At 25 O'clock
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

thank you for the gds:
frostwich // ralkinson // ponbot // fanzhen0019


background picture
kotoha | fisky better kick

i keep overwriting my wips

special thanks to dsco for timing reference n stuff

fanzhen ponbot ralkinson frostwich

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