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-kevincela- wrote:


  1. 00:44:825 (1) - Overall I would really see better this pattern splitted into a 4/1 slider and a 1/1 slider right 2/1 after it... I know this is an easy, but this slider really felt too muuch simplified, you could have tried at least to follow the vocals there :U It's not a really big deal though, even if I would really suggestr you to do some. This should be the outcome:

    I've also made a little pattern following this suggestion, see if you like it!

  2. 00:54:056 (1) - Pretty much a really similar suggestion as above, I would suggest you to follow a bit more the vocal chords there instead of using just a repeated slider, you could also use some 3/2 rhythms to vary the rhtyhm here. Here's what I was thinking about:

    And here's also a little pattern which follows this suggestion, as a prosectuion of the pattern mentioned above. See if you like it!

  3. 02:06:056 (1) - This is just a personal thing, so feel free to reject here: what would you think about moving this note to x:160 y:240? I actually like quite a lot the end it gives to the pattern, finishing once and for all that square pattern :D

All Done!


  1. 00:30:518 (2) - Hmm... I have a little idea in mind here: why don't you follow here the synth a bit more by making this slider 1/4 shorter and adding another slider at 00:31:094 - that finishes on 00:31:441 - ? I think it would really go on great as it has a quite cool rhythm, and it would also follow the instruments there quite better. :Dsorry , i dont want to try blue line rhythm on here >~<
  2. 00:41:594 (2) - If you do the point above then please do the same for this one, as it has a really similar structure! Just remove the repeat and do the same steps as the point above! ^
  3. 01:10:671 (3) - Hmm... I would have actually used a different curve for this slider, considering 01:09:748 (2) - 's oval flow... Why don't you make a slider encircling 01:08:825 (1) - and going in a anti-clockwise direction instead? I think it goes on quite smoother with the previous slider's oval flow! I made a pattern too here: see if you like it! yes done!

  4. 01:37:441 (2) - This is just a little thing, so feel free to ignore: why don't you curve this slider a bit upwards? Considering the sliders before and after this one I believe it would work absolutely well, as this dropoff thanks to the oval flow really goes on well. oh yes , done XD Here's an example of what I have done here!
  5. 01:51:056 (x) - What about adding a note here? It is a little thing, though I think it would continue in a pretty good way your pattern there, making a great transition to the next pattern especially thanks tho the synth which is being played right there! It isn't a big change, though I think it would really work well :Dhmm , okay~


  1. 00:43:902 (3) - I really don't get the reason why you are using just a 1/1 slider there... I would have expected something that follows the drums, considering your other patterns! Why don't you split this into instead a 1/2 slider with a 1/4 triplet? I think it gives a really great finish to the whole part there! This should be the outcome: no , sorry >~<
  2. 01:22:210 (2) - CTRL+G here? I think it works really great as it continues in a really good way 01:21:748 (1) - 's clockwise oval flow, and it would also go on well with 01:22:671 (3) - :Dyes you are right! its really feel better w
  3. 01:36:979 (2) - Pretty much a similar suggestion as the one above. The change of direction there imho flows in a really smooth way, especially with the following slider 01:37:441 (3) - ! o.o
  4. 01:42:518 (3,4,5) - I would try to rearrange this pattern so that it goes on with an higher spacing, considering how intense the synth is getting there. You could tweak a bit this pattern to make it work really good with the synth, other than being overall a really good pattern to play! Here's what I have done: see if you like it! ok , i did change , but not like you ...( because of i dont like use stack jump on here ,


[K i A i's Insane]

  1. 00:36:056 (3) - I would personally emphatize the synth change there by using instead of a simple 1/2 slider two sliders where the second one is sped up by 2.0x SV. I think it really goes on well with the pace of the song in this point, as imho the synth there can really be followed well with this setting. Here's a pattern I made up thinking of this setting: see if you like it!




  2. 01:10:671 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - Not really a big deal, though it's quite strange to hear these sliders progress every 1/1, where the vocals progress every 3/4 instead... As AHO's Extra diff I would map these 1/4 sliders every 3/4, with just 1 repeat for each of them, although it isn't a really big deal I think it works really good with the vocals there! Here's an example here
  3. 01:51:287 (1) - Why don't you move this slider a bit down, at x:488 y:336? I would really see this slider better a bit spaced out from the stream, as after the really big jump with 01:50:825 (7,8,1) - it feels a bit too crowded and ruins a bit the flow there!

[Lan's Extra]

  1. 00:36:287 (3) - As I already said on the Insane diff, I believe that a speed up here would work really well there, considering the change of the sound there! Considering how you've used your patterns I think that a new inherited section with SV 2.0x would really go on well here! If you do this, remember also to do the same for 01:57:518 (3) - :D
  2. 00:38:248 (3) - I would personally make this go on the opposite direction instead of the current one by using CTRL+G. Seeing how 00:37:902 (2,4) - go there, I think it would be quite a lot smoother making this slider go on the other side, as imho their dropoff go quite smoother there! It's not a really big thing but I'd suggest you to add it :D
  3. 01:10:441 (1) - Hmm, I would personally move this New Combo to instead the next note 01:10:671 (2) - ... It's not really a big deal, though it follows quite better the vocals there as their new phrase starts there, and it would also mark the jump there in a pretty good way :p
  4. 01:33:286 (2) - As 00:38:248 (3) -, I would see this quite better reversed by using CTRL+G, considering the direction where 01:32:594 (7,1) - were heading too having another opposite slider there imho would go on quite well, seeing that 01:33:748 (3,4) - is an opposed couple of sliders as well :D Another point you could consider using CTRL+G too is 01:40:441 (2,4) -, as I believe it could go quite well there :D


  1. 00:14:825 (7) - Well, I would have emphatized this transition in some other way here... Using just a 1/4 slider imho didn't really work that great there. What would you think instead about replacing it with a slider finishing to 00:15:171 - or maybe using a little speed up there. It really isn't anything too big, but imho it would work pretty good there! no sorry orz..
  2. 00:25:902 (10) - A CTRL+G here would work just great imho, considering that its oval flow is really followed in a good way by the next slider 00:26:364 (1) - ! I really like how this pattern works with this slider reversed :Dokay ..
  3. 00:36:287 (4) - I've also pointed this out in the Insane diff and Lan's diff as well, so I'm going to point it out also here, even though it's a really little thing: anyways, why don't you set up a speed up here (by using a 2.0x inherited section)? It would really fit well with that sound in the background and it plays really well :D Remember to do it as well with 01:57:518 (3) - if you do it with this slider! eh..sorry i dont want to use speed change on here ..
  4. 01:06:518 (x) - This is just a personal opinion, so feel free to avoid if you don't think it's necessary: why don't you add a note here? It's a really little thing, but following the drum that is being played right here could work really well, making a pretty fun to play pattern there! sorry >~<;

And that's it! Really great song and great map as well, I hope I have been helpful and call me back when you're done :D

really thank you !!!

updated with lan/kiai diff
Okay, I've just rechecked the map and I think it's all ready to go here.


This is a really great map, good job :D
Genre: Unspecified (Other)

Spy wrote:

Genre: Unspecified (Other)
Whoops, I always forget to set the genre and the language lol


-kevincela- wrote:

Spy wrote:

Genre: Unspecified (Other)
Whoops, I always forget to set the genre and the language lol

Shouldn't it Video Game Orz?
Why does DJpops diffs show have the extra 15 seconds of fade out time added to the song length? Nothing is played during those

Compared to all other diffs...

Grats anyways :)
Because DJPop mapped the intro

Also, congrats on rank!

Alumetorz wrote:

Because DJPop mapped the intro
Oh I see the error now, I was looking at the taiko which mapped the beginning as well, but it ended early.. my bad :P

Congratz AngelHoney!!
Despite I've enjoyed a lot your diffs, I must say Rain is pretty Overdose-like and there's a really big gap between that diff and Salad. Gladly the osu!standard spread covers the gap (Salad ~ Hard - K i a i's Insane - Lan's Extra - Rain), but try to make a more suitable diff spread next time, please!

02:05:979 (6,1) - 9,44x uguuu
K i A i

Deif wrote:

Despite I've enjoyed a lot your diffs, I must say Rain is pretty Overdose-like and there's a really big gap between that diff and Salad. Gladly the osu!standard spread covers the gap (Salad ~ Hard - K i a i's Insane - Lan's Extra - Rain), but try to make a more suitable diff spread next time, please!
thanks Deif, I try to do next time carefully.

02:05:979 (6,1) - 9,44x uguuu like an electron beam gun :P
Congratulations! AHO :):)
why is this map not in the ranked maps? i mean here
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Philippines wrote:

why is this map not in the ranked maps? i mean here
because of o.o;
Very good map! 9,5/10
P.S. Sliders on ExtrA are the hardest jumps in CtB :D
来晚了,前排美丽 ;w;
congrats all o/

subs and ono are too strong ;w; lol
Raging Bull

384059043 wrote:

Nice job man. I've indulged in this song at once when I listened to it. Yeah, I just keep pressing the replay button and shaking my head.
Interesting sliders from EXTRA. 8-)
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