Newbie #9 - Knock! Knock! Knock! (Game End)

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A question, what is MVP?
(most voted players?)
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wow I guessed right at the end o/
I guessed the right nearly the whole game :'c
Scum QT

There's not a whole lot there. It was really just me posting my kills and rambling about nothing to myself for a while.

Anyway, this game makes my scum win percentage 100% when a scum was lynched day 1. It's also the first time I didn't play like total shit as scum.

I don't actually remember why exactly I went for the Lilac or Sakura kills since I didn't post them in the scum QT at all. I remember I was considering a Dake kill as well on N2, but I went with Jinxy in the end.
That L-1 on Irre in D3, the switching between Irre and Royston in D2 and your interaction with Quotes in D1, called my attention, but I ended up considering Royston due all the WIFOM he had been throwing and I thought he was scum trying to act like VI, gg :p
Yeah, that was incredibly lucky.

I have this really weird meta where I play very similarly as both alignments, but I'm absurdly easy to read in most games. My actual alignment is pretty much always obvious by the time I've been playing the game for about 3-4 in-game days.

That would probably explain why I almost never get lynched as town...

EDIT: The fake-VI card was actually something I was prepared to pull out too if Royston put up enough of a fight. I really have to admit though, I wasn't expecting him to fight back as hard as he did at the end there. I was mentally hitting myself all through work today after I figured out a plausible explanation for rEdo to act the way he did towards me and that made me panic when I saw the game had ended when I got home.
.. T~T
I'm sorry.


wp Caligno, you totally deserve the win :')
Why did you kill me? I'm p.sure I would have voted Royston again and earned you an easy win.
The scum QT goes into that.

TL;DR: I have no idea.
Figured Caligno was mafia when it was Royston/Dake/Caligno. I don't understand the Saki lynch at all :/. I didn't read any of Day 3 so I won't speak to that. The Sakura kill surprised me.

I think I prob-towned Caligno because his playstyle reminded me of how a friend of mine plays town often, but I probably shouldn't have let me have that inherent bias. His not backing off my vote when I felt like I had done a fairly good job of coming off as town (although I had pissed off Sakura and Irreversable but that wasn't a good reason for either of them to vote for me), as well as voting me when I had been pushing rEdo probably should have made me at least a bit more skeptical.

I should have said more before dying.

Next time I should probably play nicer and not mess with people's egos. It clearly did not serve us well when people thought I was bad because I had made them mad.

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I think I would give this advice to everyone who's playing, Nacho gave me this advice and I think this stands really true.

Trust people. If you scrutinize everything and especially with bias over one person, you're just screwing yourself over as well as town. Even if that trust is only for a bit, you can always go against it later. Trust is built and lost throughout the course of the game, town read more people than you scum cause it's better that way.

And most importantly DO NOT stick to your reads just because you've said them earlier and that going back on that word makes you look like you don't know what you're saying. Not evaluating your reads further and sticking with the one you had from D1 is definitely more of a sign that shows you don't know what you're doing.
Yeah, Townhunting is a powerful weapon for town, in the middle of the darkness if you can find companions to trust and form a strong townbloc that scum cant break, Scum's objective is to make town fight against each other by spreading confusion.
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