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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on domingo, 17 de abril de 2022 at 15:29:54

Artist: ptar124
Title: AmbidextrouS ~The Alchemist of The Left x The Sage of The Right~
Source: AxS 7th Edition
Tags: Accuracy Score Grand Finals Tiebreaker Sahou no Renkinjutsushi Uhou no Taikensha Electronic Instrumental
BPM: 72,5
Filesize: 12414kb
Play Time: 05:33
Difficulties Available:
  1. Double-edgeD (8,52 stars, 2037 notes)

Download: ptar124 - AmbidextrouS ~The Alchemist of The Left x The Sage of The Right~
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Special thanks to:
  1. ptar124 for creating this song especifically for the tournament, you can see more creations on their Soundcloud page.
  2. Snowleopard and Wesley for organizing this tournament and giving me the opportunity to help out with the song creation process and for letting me make this map.
  3. Mappool selectors who testplayed the map and gave some useful feedback and didn't ditch it for some other map.
  4. You for having reached this place and probably played this map.

BG illustration by OsuMe65 - Source.

Enjoy! (and good luck to the remaining players)
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