What's your favorite anime?

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What is your favorite anime?
ONLY 1 ANIME!!!!!!!!!!
High School DxD (That's the one I remember the most). Plain and simple.
VOS Laika
im an old bitch so either Getbackers, K project or Baccano , I grew up with Animax because it was one of the few tv channels who had English subtitles when I lived in Taiwan , even tho I now speak Hokkien Chinese
i like Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru
My Dress-Up Darling
yagate kimi ni naru
Evangelion ofc <3
serial experiments lain
Gurren Lagann
Not Boring
cowboy bebop or your lie in April
demon slayer
Monogatari series
Kaguya Sama Love is War
Naruto> One Piece >Bleach
Naruto :>
Karakai Jozu-no Takaki-san, because I thought it would be funny to overreact if they do anything from the most basic romance anime ever (ngl it really feels basic when watching this..) xD (if that boy and that girl kiss each other then I wanna the whole easter bunny made of chocolate..) Also that girl likes coming up for dumb challenges and stakes. But the stakes here that made me always put in my mood, thinking about questionable stakes, where the stakes are like as if you would find a picture (whether it's NSFW or not) and slap some text in it..Also it has like at least 3 mini-episodes slapped being merged into an episode and the titles are some of the most basic sh*t ever I love it xP, like it's just a f*cking word and they say there ya go now THAT'S A TITLE xD Also that boy always thinks he can beat this anime girl, but loses everytime...[wut a virgin he is LOL] Yeah it's just an anime and nothing special, but I somehow liked watching [overreacting] it anyway.. Honorable Mention goes to that one japanese anime that is all about the thermal baths in Rom, yea not even the Roman empire no it's apparently just hot tub lore (I mean bath lore or it least belongs a part of bath lore) I would call that anime: bath lore anime [also it got a weird ass ending at episode 1 like wtf???]
Serial Experiments Lain
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood :D
Attack on Titan

No matter how mainstream it gets and how terrible its community it is
- Meowros -
Yuru yuri <3
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