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Yo! I'm sure that threads like this have been created before, and I have browsed some as well. However, I am just curious to hear the opinions of some of the pros, or even just really skilled people out there. I am currently at a point where I can reliably pass regular Insane maps, but I struggle with the upper tier Insane maps. I want to be better, and I know that its mostly just a matter of practice and time, but I would like to know where I should devote the most time.

I really enjoy playing 0108 maps and the like. Is it bad for me to play those on NF to get better? Or do you all think that I should stick to playing maps that I can actually pass?

Anyway, I would interested to know your opinions/stories of how you got better when you were where I am now.

Thanks ^^
Work on your accuracy on maps you know you can pass. Anything over 98% should be fine. Play maps you can almost or just barely pass to improve your aim and speed. I'm no pro but that's what I do.
i would say browse through this forum for a while but that would be a bad idea because any time spent not playing is time spent not improving
Train at what you wanna improve... Wanna be a godlike DT player? Start spamming DT everywhere, wanna be godlike in jumps? Spam jumpy maps, same goes for everything else. Oh and make sure you have good peripherals

Seriously, peripherals make 50% of the skill
I would get out of that mindset of really wanting to improve and just have fun! Seriously,

you know,


If you play osu! to have fun and enjoy yourself, improving will come naturally as it should. Of course it's great to challenge yourself once and awhile but I wouldn't push yourself to feel like you NEED to pass these upper tier insane maps asap because believe me, most of us have gone through the situation you're in right now and that certainly was the case for me.

Just keep at it, your skill will grow with experience.
I'd say You play osu! in A Good-Mood (When not stressed Much by work, school, etc)... That way You'll Improve...
* Rage-Quit is also making Your Mood drop... So be sure when Failing FC, don't try to Rage-Quit... Just Play and Play! :D
Thanks for the advice! <3

It can get a little discouraging at times, feeling like progress is so slow. I suppose I just need to have fun with it~
practice makes perfect and experience is the best teacher...

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