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For some reason beyond me, all game modes have a skin.ini section, with the exception for Taiko...? Well, for this reason, I would like to see a new section to the skin.ini file that allows for Taiko to become fully customizable, with the following options:

- ScoreBarFlash: Enable or disable the flashing of the performance bar when it's maxed out. (This is something that has been bugging me since I picked up this mode. Please let me stop that.)
- ScoreBarFlashColour: Change the colour the performance bar flashes with when it's maxed out.
- Four path options for drum hit images. (Currently, there's only an "inner" and "outer" skinning element, which get mirrored for the other half of the drum. Because of this the drum will always make it look like someone is using KDDK, even if they're not. It can only be skinned to make it look like DKKD, but it's a lot harder to adjust it for DDKK/KKDD.)
- DonNoteColour/KatsuNoteColour: Change the colours of the notes you're supposed to hit. (This way, you can have your notes be something else than the standard red/blue, if you want. Maybe even add some seperate options for the colours of the big notes, which defaults to the colours of the small notes if not set?)
- LightingBehindNotebar: Whether the lighting should be in front of the note bar, or behind it. (This light is behind the bar the notes arrive on during Kiai time, and is currently only visible when this bar is transparent.)
- LightingColour: The colour of aforementioned lighting.
- GlowColour: The colour of the glow element. (This element is visible under the hit position during Kiai time, currently always in front of the note bar.)
- ComboPosition: The height at which the combo numbers should be placed. (Similar to the option in Mania.)
- NotesLeftToRight: Whether you want the stage to be flipped to have the notes going from left to right. The approach circle and the drum would also be on the right side of the stage. (Of course, the drum hit images shouldn't be mirrored for this.)
- PippidonToRight: Whether you want to have the pippidon images on the right instead of the left side, regardless of the NotesLeftToRight option. (Should probably default to whatever NotesLeftToRight is set to if undefined, though.)
- SliderToRight: Whether you want the background to scroll to the right instead of to the left, regardless of the NotesLeftToRight option. (You know, what would be the background you see above the note bar, the area where Pippidon is also located in? This should probably default to whatever NotesLeftToRight is set to if undefined.)

I would like it if it remains possible to have a separate Taiko folder, for those who want Taiko to have it's own approach circle and spinner elements with the new inclusion in the skin.ini file. If not, I would like to see a few new elements getting added to the default skin, so that the Taiko- and Standard-mode spinners and approach circles can still be skinned separately.

...Was that it, or am I missing something? If there's anything else you'd like to see here, leave a comment and I'll see about adding it to the list.
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