How can i improve mapping?

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Hello internet i am a new mapper(at least trying to be), and i just made my first map, how can i improve
(dont ask why its a 12 star)
trying to make something that you think is fun to play is a pretty good way to improve

setting the beat snap divisor in the top right to 1/4 can help
dont waste your time watching or reading anything if it isn't a timing guide before you've made several maps, none of the information will stick in your head if you have no experience of your own

plus when you're new misunderstandings and poor advice can be really damaging, binging pishi's videos made my maps really boring when I was new so I'd actually recommend steering away from guides like that. context is everything, generalised guides are way less useful than actual feedback about a specific map
map songs you enjoy and try to learn how to time, its crucial for learning the basics in mapping.

map mostly simple songs that you enjoy and try to follow the rhytm. look at other maps and u can take some insipiration.
For recommendation, i recommend mapping drum n' bass song because the rythm is mostly simple and it's easy to understand and map like this song , Any other drum n' bass would be do fine. And probably my best tips is to make a map that you can play with so yourself can know what's the part You need to improve and the last tips is to learn more about patterns, combo color using, slider shapes, and timings.
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