SM to OSU offset problem using arrowvortex

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So i have transfered a few songs I made on av and apparently when i pass them to .osu files, the offset for the audio seems off, as an example of what im saying this beatmap beatmapsets/1608319#mania/3284143 has the first beat on where its supposed to be with the song file, however on osu!mania editor there appears to be some extra ms that makes the first beat position be a bit off. is there a way to fix this ? because it happens every time i transfer songs, it's always offset.
Sidenote: Yes, i have positive offset specifically because osu!mania editor doesnt support negative offset, so it's not that.

Edit: Nevermind, it was a problem related to arrowvortex saving to .osu, apparently that does the extra ms.
Edit 2: after comparing a ranked chart in arrow vortex and the beats positions carefully, I ended in the conclusion that Osu plays songs in synch with 83 extra ms, so if anybody wants to transfer an sm file to osu using arrow vortex, remember to add 83 extra ms for it to synch correctly in osumania. Ill update this information again after i compare it with a few more ranked maps so im sure that 83 ms is the exact number, more or less. Oh, and also make sure that you dont have negative offset, or else its gonna transform into positives in osu editor, and its gonna be harder to synch correctly
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