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When I started playing one of the beatmaps the other day I noticed the beats were really off, I figured it must be a glitch so I restarted the game and my computer but it was still happening. This hasn't happened before. Started the game up today and the same thing happened, beats are way off on the maps, tried restarting again and no luck. And its not just one beatmap its all of them, even the replays (mine and others) show as the beats being off. My universal offset is set at zero yet I keep having this problem. Figured maybe its the new Windows update but I'm not totally sure and I don't know how to fix anything related to that. Any thoughts/advice?

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: Stable 20220101.1 (latest)
Most likely, you accidentally changed your Universal Offset. Try checking/changing it by going to the option, and search for Universal Offset (and make sure it's on 0ms).

Rem grenfioeweweweqmks read their post, ily tho.

Sounds like you actually need a universal offset though if its on every beatmap, worth giving it a try, this guide shows how to set one properly: wiki/en/Guides/How_to_Use_the_Offset_Wizard

If thats still not right, does this happen with all audio devices?/Do you have another pair of headphones or whatever to try it with? and are you using wired or wireless headphones (or speakers lol)?
This github issue may help

Also did you change what audio device, computer or audio drivers you were using to play osu when you first had the problem? Especially if you're using Bluetooth headphones since they have a ton of latency so you shouldn't really be using them for rhythm games
That issue is specifically for with it becoming increasingly offbeat throughout the map, but sure if thats whats happening here then that will likely help. If its not, which it doesnt sound like it is, that will be a waste of time
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Seems like the issue was just with my bluetooth headphones which I disconnected and then reconnected. I'm a noob when it comes to computers and tech stuff oops. :P
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