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Hello! , I have a question about the Internet because when I play from the Internet connected to a laptop via USB, it sometimes interrupts me and a high ping pops up in games, and if I passed and gained a lot of PP and then I would stop, I would not be able to get it somewhere that I lost connection in OSU?
(Would it say somewhere that I did not get or lost the connection after passing the beatmap?) I do not know how much PP I did not get, and I should, because he often interrupts me. Greetings :)
The game will attempt to upload scores for up to 1 hour after they are set, as long as you don't close the game.
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Oh, and that's why I was awarded the PP at times late. Okay, thanks for this information and have a nice day! :)

for example when I was viewing other beatmaps in OSU
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