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S o r d a
thank you mod jonathan
fixed my diff and General
waiting guest diffs~
Laura Mercier

Ranger wrote:

[Cilvery's Hard]

  1. 00:00:339 (1) - add finish at front? now a little empty added
  2. 00:34:252 (1) - add finish at front. i'm hear symbol sound at this part. and i recommend add finish each symbol sounds place. like 00:38:002 added
  3. 00:45:175 - how about add circle here? this part quite grow strained. so i think more a hard way this part added
  4. 00:51:860 (7,8) - overlap i think. recommend reduce distance a little changed o:
  5. 01:04:904 - add circle here? it hears good um.. nope, sorry
thanks for the mod ^ ^
Laura Mercier

jonathanlfj wrote:

[Cilvery's Hard]
00:38:002 (5,6) - small spacing inconsistency fixed
00:49:904 (1) - i think finish should be here instead of 00:50:230 (2) o.. ya changed lol

nicely made diff, though i think for spread considerations you should add some triplets in the diff, for example:
00:44:523 (6,1) - can be redesigned to this:
00:51:860 (7,8) - this can be like this:

01:05:067 (5,6) - same change as 00:44:523 (6,1)
01:15:502 (6,7) - same change as 00:51:860 (7,8) uhh.. i don't wanna change these parts : (..
01:31:480 - a triplet can be added here added~
thanks for the mod ^ ^
fixed all points, Thanks jonathan :>

only thing I kept was the slider section at the end, keeping it like that is variation if you compare it to the rest of the map, no?
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S o r d a
all diffs update~
some left over missing claps you should fix:
00:34:904 (3) - end
00:50:230 (2) - start
00:50:556 (3) - end
01:18:599 (1) - end

00:59:360 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - for this i meant a gradually decreasing spacing; for example, 00:59:360 (1,2) - can have a 1.5x spacing, and then 00:59:523 (2,3) - can have 1.4x spacing, and decrease it until it hits 01:00:175 (6,1) - which will have 1.0x spacing.

Thats all the rest looks good
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S o r d a
all fixed! thank you mod!
Cool good luck!
You should disable widescreen support in Saten's easy, its inconsistent and you have no SB in this map.
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S o r d a
ill correct someone pop
thank you Tari
Cilvery's Hard
  1. 01:31:398 (8) - remove this note or make like feels better for me

  1. 00:01:969 (2,3,4,5,6,1) - the distance of 2 and 3 is a bit small, and 00:02:295 (3,4,5,6,1) - in a line make it awkward to play. Make a different pattern on 00:02:295 (3,4,5,6) - will solve the problem.
  2. 00:28:708 (5,6,7,8) - here shouldnt be a stream imo, no 1/4 sounds and hears a bit weird for me.
  3. 00:41:507 (7) - remove this note?
  4. 01:06:860 (4,5) - avoid using 3/4 sliders for safe, also 1/2 works better than 3/4 here.
  5. 01:18:518 - add a note, stream here quite fits.

and disable widescreen support in Saten's Easy, then call me back.

Edit: Qualified!
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S o r d a
thank you Yuki!
Finally Qualified lol 2years old
and thank you guest mappers
Great map :D
Congrats Sorda \owo/
Gratz owo
Yee Ranked!
Topic Starter
S o r d a
thank you guys~
im happy:33!
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