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Hello, I am trying to use APIv2 to get 10 beatmaps ranked in the past week for my project.

I see that in APIv1, the endpoint "/api/get_beatmaps" allows you to get up to 500 beatmaps in one call and query by the "since" parameter(per documentation). However, it seems that in APIv2, you must enter the ids of the beatmaps to get metadata back.

So I was wondering if there is a similar function in APIv2 that would let me get a list of beatmaps without knowing the ids of the maps?

Thanks so much!
The endpoints you probably want are in the "undocumented section": docs/index.html#beatmapsetssearchfilters. You'll have to figure out which one you want but it's probably either /beatmapsets/events (just going off the name) or /beatmapsets/search/{filters?} (which uses the same query parameters as the ones on the website.
Hey, I just tested it and as Technocoder said the request "beatmapsets/search/{filters}" will return 50 latest ranked beatmaps by default

You'll be able to access any beatmap data
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